Monday, 2 February 2009

Birthday Weekend

How are you all? I hope you had a good weekend, I've been very busy. It was my Dads 60th on Saturday and all the family went for afternoon tea at a top hotel on Sunday. It was so relaxing, I just want to live there, permanently! Nothing was too much trouble for the staff and my little nephew loved running up and down the double staircase and riding in the lifts (his Aunt totally knackered by it all!). We tucked into tea, scones and cakes and had a wonderful time. My Granny hadn't realised quite how bright my hair was in the flesh and said I looked like...Vivienne Westwood (good choice Granny!). I had no idea what I was going to wear. Usually I pick a pair of shoes or piece of clothing I really want to wear and plan my outfit around that. However I have so many new shoes that I wanted to test out, I was stuck for choice. I narrowed it down to my Terry de Havilland green lace boots, Irregular Choice blue suede Audrina, Irregular Choice pink/purple Kitty Princess, V.Westwood Anglomania/Melissa Lady Dragon, Faith pink satin platforms and my Topshop green velvet Pout. For some reason I just couldn't be bothered to make a decision until the last minute and while trialling a few dresses, I eventually decided on the bright pink Faith pair, as my hair has just been re-coloured and is also bright, vivid pink. I wore with my Fendi lookalike dress, a black belt, long leggings and a black cardi (it was a chilly day). I wore a diamante bow in my hair, long pearl necklace and statement rings. The shoes, although difficult to buckle up, were surprisingly comfortable and stable to walk in.
I haven't been wearing makeup lately in a bid to help my acne prone skin, so it was a treat to play around. I had smokey eyes (using Pout and Versace eyshadows) and finally found a way to make my MAC/Heatherette Fleshpot lipstick work. It always looks too pale around the edges and makes me look dead. So, I used Pout lip pencil in 32A underneath which didn't leave me with that stripper look of darker lipliner and lighter lipstick, yet magically stopped the corpse look. Amazing.

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