Sunday, 8 February 2009

MAC BBR & Creme Team Haul

Here's a rundown of my MAC order as promised. I'm hoping my haul will arrive tomorrow!I was a huge fan of the Cremesheen lipsticks, although a little disappointed at the colour choice, so I was really excited to see the latest range, Creme Team, which is based around the original and extends the collection further.

As well as lipsticks (I ordered Shy Girl-neutral beige and Creme Cup-pale pink), there are Cremestick Liners, a creamy retractable liner and Cremesheen Glass, like Dazzleglass but without the sparkle. I ordered, Boy Bait, which looks like the most gorgeous nude. I am also going to order, Partial to Pink-light pink with gold pearl and maybe Ever So Rich-sheer lilac (it's very poorly pigmented though) as well as Lavender Whip-cool lavender and Creme in Your Coffee-midtone pink brown lipsticks, when funds allow!
Then we have the Brunette, Blonde, Redhead collection (which I'm always worried I'm saying the wrong way round), anyway BBR confuses me slightly. I don't like this categorizing by hair-colour as favoured by some brands (namely L'Oreal). My point in question being that a brunette could have dark black skin or porcelain white skin. Surely the same colours aren't going to work for both? I realise hair colour plays a huge part in makeup, but surely skin colour is also (if not more) important? Are the colours supposed to suit skintones stereotypically found with that hair colour or to actually suit those with that hair colour? Perhaps it's just me that finds it silly as I have bright pink hair and therefore don't fall into any category! Anyway, I would suggest ignoring all colour theories and going with what you like and think will good on you.

Again, I've made a small order but get paid this week and will order more! I have bought What a Do! described as a neutral pink coral (!) and Marquise D'-creamy peach lipsticks as well as Soft Wave lipglass. These shade are from Brunette and Redhead collections. I wasn't overly taken with the eyeshadows, although the 3 Blonde shades appealed to me most. I'm also going to get Live and Dye lipglass which is Redhead, a cool pink. The Mineralize Skinfinish Degrades look gorgeous. Karla Sugar raved about them on her blog and from the wonderful swatches I'm keen to get my hands on them, so may purchase one or two as well!

I steered clear of Well Defined, although the concealer has been given rave reviews. My skin is so sensitive just now that I can't try anything new without a flare-up. The liquid foundation is gel based and provides a buildable coverage.

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