Thursday, 19 February 2009

Kitty Katy at the Brits

OK, lots to tell you...I was actually dreaming about all the blog posts I have to do while trying to sleep last night!
So, on with it. I was screaming at the telly last night, whilst half watching The Brits. My reason for doing so was Katy Perry striding down the red-carpet with a beheaded Hello Kitty MAC toy on her hip. My Mum was trying to snooze and I was yelling 'it's the MAC Kitty, the head of the MAC Kitty, she's wearing the MAC Kitty'!The corset top was actually designed by The Blonds and is up for auction on eBay along with several other (extrememly gorgeous) pieces as part of the MAC/Hello Kitty Couture Auctions. All proceeds from the designer creations go to The Museum at The Fashion Institute of Technology. There is around 11 hours to go until most of the auctions finish, so you still have a chance to own an extremely rare and beautiful piece of Kitty clothing. To be honest I'm not sure whether or not I actually like the outfit. Personally, I wouldn't have worn the leggings without a longer top or skirt. While I love the busy, glittery Kitty idea, I find it's a little too much altogether, although I suppose it's fun and eyecatching so is suited to the event and that's all that matters.
If you love this look, it's very easy to replicate. ASOS have high shine leggings for £17.62 and I'm sure I've seen these shoes in Peacocks for around £12-14, if not try Linzi's Shoes (below) who have them for £20 (although they've almost sold out-new stock expected at end of March). Try customising a bodice top with some Kitty jewellery and hair accessories which can be found in independent retailers or relatively cheaply in Claire's Accessories. Or try the kids department of H&M who stock official Sanrio things and get your hands on the real black vinyl toy when it launches with the MAC collection on March 5th (UK).


  1. Can't wait for MAC Kitty!!! Saw the collection at Fashion Week and it is gorgeous, I want everything

  2. I know, I'm so excited, I bought lots at the preview last night, more details and hopefully pics to follow!


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