Friday, 27 February 2009

No Buy-No Joy!

Remember the 'no-buy' I went on a little while ago? I decided not to buy anything in an effort to save for MAC/Hello Kitty coming out in March? It didn't work. LOL, I think you knew that. Anyway, I am attempting to go at it again in a promise to my little sister.

She's a couple of years younger than me and probably worth more than everyone in my family put together. She doesn't have a high paying job, she's just good at saving. 'Saving' a relatively unknown term in my brain. Anyway, she often lends me money or will pay for something if I can't afford it at that time. She's very good like that. She also keeps a note of it all and every so often I pay her back. It's worked well for us for years (well probably better for me than her, but anyway). Since the end of last summer though I haven't been keeping to my side of the bargain. I've been spending more and paying back less. I've also been borrowing from Mum (you know when you're in the middle of Primark and must have the £100 worth of clothes/shoes/jewellery, but don't get paid until next week, but Mummy has a card?), generally she takes priority over little sis when it comes to paying back.

So, I sheepishly asked little sis last week 'how much am I due you...roughly?'. I almost fainted at her reply, especially as I'd actually given her 2 seperate amounts of money recently (and was chuffed at doing so). However the dizziness subsided and my 'must have it now' brain (waaay bigger than the 'saving brain') took over again. You see, I'd spotted some lovely Irregular Choice/Blythe shoes that I'd had my eye on (but had been sold and too expensive from IC), that were half price at Branch309. I knew if I didn't act fast they'd be gone. And so I made a promise, one I'm attempting to keep. The promise is, I will pay her back over the next month with any money I can get my hands on. I'll pay back all I'm due as well as the new shoes she was about to buy me (see pics below).

I got my shoes (gorgeous) and have plenty eBay money coming in that I should be able to pay her back in the following weeks. All in all, I'm a happy footed bunny, although slightly anxious about the forthcoming weeks. Wish me luck!

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