Monday, 9 February 2009

A Picture Of Me In My Mind

I don't own a camera (shoes take priority over gadgets), but I needed to take pictures of my ebay items, so borrowed one from my little sister (she has 3, definitely a gadgets over shoes girl). Now I'm actually pretty hopeless at photography even although I'm creative; they just never turn out how I see through the lens. Nonetheless, I took hundreds of ebay pictures and have spent all weekend listing them. Today I had another little project going that required taking images of myself. Now this is a very difficult thing to do without an automatic timer and one-handed (as I was supposed to be showing off the handbag). I didn't want the 'this is my arm outstretching to take a photo of myself pose' or the 'look in the mirror and take a pic with a big camera in your face' shot either. The outcome? Some were terrible, but I was actually quite impressed overall (especially as I'm terribly unphotogenic). I then started playing around with scene effects (yay I can get creative!) and this is how they look. Not too bad for an absolute novice eh?

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