Thursday, 12 February 2009

I Heart This Bag

V-Day is looming, renamed Vom-Day by myself (I can't stop saying 'vom' instead of vomit), anyway, I thought this as good a time as any to look at heart shaped bags.
I saw this pic of Nicola from Girls Aloud in Look magazine (above) and I had serious bag envy. It's so big, so shiny and so kitsch, I love it. It is of course, Chanel from the Cruise collection (as modelled below). I began searching for a high-street alternative. Look suggested ASOS, but they appear to have sold out of that style. Topshop have this pretty one (below) for £22. It has 2 short handles, plus a detachable longer strap. It's the most similar in design to the Chanel one and is reasonably big at 25cm in width and height.

Then there is this shopper from Urban Outfitters, £28 and available in navy or red. It's 45cm high and 35cm across, it doesn't have the structure that i like of the previous ones though.

This Faith bag was hugely popular last season and sold out several times They have brought BDusty back in red vinyl for £35 or the newer (somehow less cute I think) satin version BDustie also £35, however they are currently on a Valentine's offer with £10 off, at £25 each.

Finally, this similar style from ASOS but with added jems, transforming the heart into a strawberry. Very cute, very Katy Perry and yours for £24.50.

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