Thursday, 21 August 2008

Tempting Tartan

Sorry for the lack of posts this past week, dodgy showers (yes, again) have taken priority. Anyway on with the fashion. Tartan is set to be a huge trend for A/W. Personally I think it'll be a little like the star print of S/S. It'll be all over the high-street, everyone will wear it, then by the time Autumn arrives, we'll be sick of it. Also being Scottish, I'm always wary of wearing tartan, unless of course it's done well (think Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen).

I would wear the odd touch though, like shoes or a bag. I owned a beautiful Westwood inspired blue tartan bag from Topshop years ago. It had a gold frame and red satin lining and I used it to death. It was a real granny-bag and working in London at the time, nobody would believe that I bought it on Oxford Street rather than back home. Yes Londoners, apparently tartan isn't restricted to north of the border! I also have a pair of Faith red tartan pointed shoes, with thin leather strap details that are almost joining the bag in 'accessories heaven'. I have yet to go out without someone commenting on these shoes. They are stunning, so I snapped up the Office Dolly Interbow (above) in exactly the same tartan a couple of years ago to replace the waning pair.

This week ASOS got these black shoe-boots which, upon closer inspection, possess a rather cool pink tartan heel. This is exactly how such a trend should be incorporated into your wardrobe. It's subtle but still manages to add interest to an otherwise blah shoe. You could also still wear these past the 'tartan? so last season' stage. I love them!

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