Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Lace Look

I was in New Look yesterday for a quick shoes naturally. They appear to be going lace crazy at the moment. There are peep-toes, platforms, courts, boots, slingbacks, flats, everything really, even bags to match. I bought a pair similar to these below, but with dark pink fabric under the black lace. They are really pretty and cost a very reasonable £25, they were also available in grey, but I prefer the pink myself.
I must admit, I am partial to a bit of lace, whether it's on-trend or not. I realised that I now own quite a few pairs of lace shoes myself. I have the New Look peep-toes I bought recently in the sale. Pink lace courts with velvet bow from ASOS, I also got a matching clutch.

These beautiful slingbacks, with bow detail on the front and back from Shellys, possibly my faves.

Plus these Terry de Havilland green metallic boots, which are far more stunning than in the picture. I haven't had the occasion to wear these yet.

I also had a pair of Oasis cone heeled peep-toes, which I don't have a picture of. They were gold with black lace, but if memory serves me, I took them to a charity shop in a clear-out a little while back. There's a little bit of variety in that lot, so I think I'm quite happy at the moment with my lacey footwear collection!


  1. Hi i was just wondering if you knew anywhere i can get hold of some lace ankle boots or heels, that aren't expensive, struggling to find anywhere that still do them!thanks!

  2. Hi Sophie, unfortunately I think lace tends to be a winter trend and often harder to find in s/s. Off the top of my head I can't think of anywhere that has inexpensive lace footwear just now. However, try ebay or wait a few months for autumn when the style will hopefully re-emerge.


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