Friday, 22 August 2008

Heatherette for Irregular Choice

Irregular Choice made me very happy this week when they finally got stock of the Heatherette shoes they designed. I've had my eye on these for a looooong time now. IC and Heatherette have been working together for a couple of years and IC produce shoes for the Heatherette fashion shows which are then available as a limited edition style on the IC site.
My favourite are gold and pink Faster Pussycat boots which have yet to appear on the site (although I'm told new stock is still being made). I do really like the silver/bright blue/pink Electra Love and blue/silver Faster Pussycat, although at £100 each, I feel I have to wait for my favourite to arrive.
There is also the strappy, is it a shoe, is it a boot? Super Vixen £145, available in black, silver or blue. See the styles on the catwalk below and get yours now as once they're gone, they're gone.


  1. Hiya !!
    Where can I get the pink and blue boots ?

    Jane xx

  2. Hi Jane, thanks for your comment.

    These styles sold out in the most popular sizes pretty quickly. However do have some of the Electra Love in all silver (size 3 or 9) or black (sizes 3, 4, 7, 8) for £69.99.

    If you didn't like those colours or they don't have your size, you could try phoning the IC store in London on 0207 494 4811. They'll be happy to send a pair out to you if you're stuck and if they have them in stock. HTH x

  3. I found the strappy shoe-boots on eBay in my size in black and silver, but I wanted the blue =(

  4. Anon-keep checking, they usually pop up quite regularly on ebay x

  5. Oh, I had no idea that the top pair were a Heatherette pair!

    1. Yep. I'm wondering if they re-released them separately though because I'm sure mine didn't have any Heatherette branding on them.


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