Thursday, 28 August 2008

StarDesign @ Stardoll

Remember earlier in the month I said when I had more time I'd tell you about the wonderful design feature at Stardoll? Well here goes...

As I've said, you can buy clothes for your MeDoll at Stardoll in the StarPlaza shop. Stardoll recently added a new feature where you can use shapes and patterns to create your own designs. I don't think anyone at Stardoll could guess just how creative their members would be. I've been amazed by the work of some of the budding designers there.

You start with the screen above and work within the middle section. You can choose 3 base templates and each has 2 pattern designs. You add shapes from the top of the page and can change all the colours using the colour book to the left. You can also rotate items as well as changing their size and making thm transparent. There are 4 fabrics (cotton, knitted, jeans and silk) to use. The images below may help you visualise these instructions.

Add shapes to the base template (here it's a triangle), how it looks on your fabric is to the right of the screen.

Make shapes bigger by moving the needle along the ruler, using the red wheel,
do the same to rotate the shape, but use the green wheel, and look how the white star changes by making it transparent using the yellow wheel.

Now watch how much this design can differ depending on which base template and pattern design you use. I have not altered any of the shapes, sizes etc.

The blue arrow shows the base template (the 2nd option in this case) and the green shows how to change the pattern shape/repetition in one easy click. All options are shown below, some have very different effects whereas others are more subtle.

I usually prefer working with the square base as most of the patterns I make up are 'picture' type images (i.e. Hello kitty, faces etc) and I find it works better when it's a straightforward line repetition. Once you are happy with your pattern, click the 'choose' button and then decide which type of garment you wish to decorate. I usually use the dresses which are $10. You can also change the size of your print by moving the needle along the ruler. You can move your garment around the fabric until you are happy with how it looks. then click the 'sew' button and watch as the sewing machine magically makes your garment (so cute!).
You then have the option to buy or bin it. If you didn't like it, you could click on the fabric and change aspects of it and try again or else start over with new fabric. You can then wear your item (once bought it will appear in a shopping bag in your suite) or you can make money and sell it in Starbazaar to other Stardolls. Some members make-to-order for other Stardolls and I find you get phases of everyone trying out Hello Kitty or Chanel or Tokidoki or whatever. It's really fun and I love how it's brought out the creative side in all the members.

Look at the cute dress I designed today, covered in lipsticks, it was quite an easy design and didn't take that long to do.

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