Saturday, 2 August 2008

StarPlaza @ Stardoll

As promised, here are more details about StarPlaza, the shopping mall at There are several 'stardoll' brands within the mall, such as Pretty in Pink, Rio, Fudge and Fallen Angel. Each brand has it's own style of clothing and even the shop layout differs to suit that look. Some outfits are unique stardoll designs, some are catwalk inspired (see Anna Sui and Betsey Johnson examples above) and some are real-life celebrity outfits (see Beyonce and SATC's Carrie below).
I think it's great that you can splash out on designer goodies that you may never be able to afford in the real world and the attention to detail is amazing. I remember being ecstatic at purchasing some YSL Tribute platforms and I loved the outfits that looked exactly like the ones in the Sex & The City movie. I also like that even when I have no 'real' money, I can spend my stardollars and get the retail therapy I need. Outfits can be tried on in the virtual style changing room and added to your shopping cart. The outfits then appear in your suite in a StarPlaza carrier bag.
Stardoll then had the savvy idea to add real brands to StarPlaza, I've already mentioned the Heidi Klum jewellery line, but there's also Mary-Kate & Ashley and Hilary Duff, as well as DKNY. Outfits are selected from the DKNY new season collection and remodelled into Stardoll size. This brand proves very popular at Stardoll and has enjoyed many seasons so far. There are look-books within the DKNY shop to see how the outfits look on the real models. Again, the detailing on these items is fantastic.
The latest news is that Stardoll are opening a Kohl's store which will sell Candie's clothing and footwear.

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