Sunday, 3 August 2008

FOTD 03/08/08

Today I decided to go ultra glam. I don't know why as it's a Sunday and I wasn't planning on doing anything special. It rained on and off all day (with thunder too!), so I ended up not leaving the house, but it felt good to have my hair all nice and pretty make-up.

I love using aqua colours with pink and so that's what I chose for my eyes today. My hair is super bright pink just now as I have just re-done it. I picked the aqua shade from my Too Faced Lights, Camera, Glamour palette and also used the pink blush from it. I paired with Wet'n'Wild Retro Pink lipstick, which is a fantabulous shade. It's a bright 80's pink without being fuchsia or darker bright pink, if you know what I mean. It's a hard shade to pull off but I think I managed. I also used my Hard Candy Flirt false eyelashes. These are without a doubt the only eyelashes I can use, they are so easy to apply. I love the glue too, it's ultraviolet so glows purpley when it's wet, then dries so you don't see it. I happened upon them in a pack I bought from TKMaxx, thinking I would probably never use them. I saw them on a few discount sites now too, so I may pick up a lifetime supply! My hair was all backcombed and I wore a black H&M dress, black tights and my turquoise tartan 'City Picnic' Irregular Choice shoes.

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