Sunday, 3 August 2008


Since starting this blog, I've suddenly been very aware of just how much I buy. For example in these short couple of months or so I think I've blogged about 15+ pairs of shoes that I've actually bought and to be honest I'm sure there are some I've forgotten to tell you about.

The ASOS sale is usually a place where my shoe collection rapidly grows. So this time round I tried (not very well) to avoid it, which was good in a way though as I got major bargains. I normally miss out on the 'up to 75% off, final reductions' part as I've dived in fearing they'd sell out earlier on.

I'm really pleased with the 4 pairs that I ordered. I did miss out on the purple, pom-pom court shoes (in the style of Natalie Portman), which is a little disappointing. I just ordered on Friday so haven't received my parcel yet, but I'm most looking forward to the black suede pair with high backs and patent strap detail. They are a recent-ish addition to the site so are a complete bargain at £15 instead of £50. The L.A.M.B. shoes are also calling out to me, most pairs are at least half price and I've had my eye on them for a long time. it's still a lot of money though when you consider how much I'd wear them, owning the hundreds of pairs I do.

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