Friday, 1 February 2013

YSL Haul & Comparison Swatches

You'll probably know I'm a huge fan of the Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation that Yves Saint Laurent Beauty launched last summer (am I allowed to say 'Yves' now?). After forcing myself to use a different foundation (Lancome Teint Miracle fyi) for a few months recently, I'm back to using LTTE again. I started to wonder if the B10 shade I had was perhaps slightly too dark for me though. It's the lightest shade in the 'natural beige' family (the shades are split into three colour families), but I wanted to check out BR10 again (from rosy beige). Obviously it's pink toned and when I asked the assistant she said that she recommends BR10 as the lightest shade from the entire range. I swatched it instore and to be honest there wasn't too much difference in terms of lightness, but obviously the BR10 was notably pink and the B10 more neutral. I felt the pink one really disappeared into my skin, but you could maybe see a hint of the B10 (it was hard to tell as my hand by this point was covered in all sorts of swatches!).  I really wanted to give it a try anyway, so purchased it.
Debenhams were running a points promotion at the time (a couple of months ago) and so I bought a wee sparkly lipgloss too! Now, I was wearing BR10 towards the end of last year, but since Christmas I've been trialling a new foundation, so it's been that one you've seen in recent FOTD's. For the short time I was using the BR10, I liked it anyway. I'm not sure if it's noticeably lighter or different toned once on my face, I'd really have to compare it with B10 at the same time. I've swatched both side by side for you to see on my hand. In the bottle, I actually think B10 looks 'lighter', but when swatched the pink one edges it for me. What do you think? I could always combine the two and make my own unique shade I guess! Anyway I was glad to have another bottle, because like I said I really love the formula. Here's my original review and my goodness was my lilac hair really only last summer?
The Golden Gloss I got, was from the 'white shimmering gold' collection which I think was the limited edition range the Christmas before last, as I recall buying shade '45 White Gold Opal' at the time. This one is '44 White Gold Diamond'. It looks much whiter in the tube and 45 has this violet sheen and shimmer to it, but 44 is clear with white shimmer.  I thought you might appreciate a comparison of the two. They are definitely different enough to justify buying both. The golden glow in some images is purely from the light in my room as these images were taken in a very dull December!
I've become such a 'YSL girl' I know! It seems the majority of my beauty hauls are that counter now, but that's probably because the products are fabulous and girls on the counter are really lovely, so the shopping experience is an extremely pleasant one.  I said earlier this week, I haven't been shopping for ages, haven't been out to the shops and haven't had money to buy anything anyway, so I think this had been my last haul before Christmas and I'm sure I used some of my beauty points for it.  I currently have another £25 on my card, which I'm dying to spend and I have the dental hospital on Tuesday and it's become my ritual to console myself in the Debenhams beauty department afterwards, so there could be another shiny gold box coming home with me!  Oh my gosh, that reminded me of my strange dream the other night among various other things (like a girl sneaking into my bedroom and stealing my iron?), there were pumpkins (but actually only the size of oranges and not entirely pumpkin like in appearance, but in my dream I referred to them as pumpkins), contained in glass walls under my window and a hole that I could just reach through and there was a shiny gold, YSL box about the size of a loose powder that said 'Teint Idole' on it, which confused me because that's Lancome and why was the box 'powder sized' if it was foundation?  I like how even in my dream I can differentiate between makeup brands! I think this means....stop buying makeup? Or is makeup? You don't even want to know the dream about me breastfeeding my male friends baby the week weird!


  1. Those are some funny dreams.... o.O

    I like those lip glosses, they look so pretty that it's a shame I'm on a no buy or I'd get them.

    1. I know my poor crazy wee head! V.pretty glosses!


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