Tuesday, 19 February 2013

ASOS Sunglasses

You'll probably be aware I have a bit of a sunglasses obsession. One that has definitely grown over the last couple of years. I am sooo excited that we've had some sunshine recently so I've been able to wear my Prada 'Baroque Minima' and Irregular Choice 'Mischief' again! When I'm regularly checking the 'new in' at ASOS, I keep noticing more and more sunglasses that I'd like to add to my (already rather large) collection. It's getting quite ridiculous the number of lovely frames they have!  First up are these Round frame with pearl highbrow £18, ooooh I likey! They have an air of Chanel about them don't they?  They're very unusual and unlike anything I already own.
 Embellishment seems to be 'in' for sunglasses right now with these Tortoiseshell with flower embellishment £18, pretty but still practical I think.
These are a little more kitschy and really cute, Square frames with flower embellishment £18
If paler frames aren't your thing, they do a black pair with white flowers.  Black with flower embellishment £18
ASOS have tonnes of cat-eye frames (I guess if it ain't broke don't fix it), this Multi Cat Eye £10 are really fun.
They also come in Animal Cat Eye £10, which I really love.  
The Black Cat Eye £10, could almost be worth selling my Tom Ford 'Nikita' for, they look spookily similar!! 
I have to admit to not really seeing the point of 'flocked' shades (Irregular Choice have a version).  It's because I wear makeup and I think of the residue that ends up on my plastic sunnies and these Velvet Cat Eye £12 would be wrecked that way as they don't just wipe clean!  
If you fancy something a little more with your cat-eyes, how about some birds?  Flying Birds Cat Eye £20
The Premium Black Embellished Cat Eye £20, have just the right amount of added detail for me!
They also come in cream.  Premium Cream Embellished Cat Eye £20
You know I love pearls and there's a few options on ASOS with these Pearl Cat Eye £15...
Or if you're looking for more detail, the All Over Pearl Cat Eye £18
Jeepers Peepers also do a version, which look fabulous, Jeepers Peepers 'Isabella' Pearl £18. 
A more subtle version are the ASOS Studded Cat Eye £15.  
Still on cat-eyes and the Jeepers Peepers 'Leia' Cat Eye £16 are pretty darn cute!
River Island also do an oversized cat-eye which look pretty, River Island 'Claudia' Cat Eye £10.   
I used to always swear by massive sunglasses, the bigger the better and these Jeepers Peepers Vintage Smoked £18 are certainly huge.  I like the vintage feel and the leg positioned at the bottom of the frame.  
If I win the lottery or ever manage to save some money, I would buy the Miu Miu pink glitter frames.  These Pink Metal £12 have the same shape (but sadly no glitter for me), they also come in red £12.   
I think they look fantastic in Tortoiseshell Metal £12.   Remember last year, I posted all the 'wing' detail sunglasses similar to the Prada pairs?  Well there's these new Black wing detail £12 pair.  
Or you get them in Tort wing detail £12.   
I've fallen for these Wing detail £12 though.  I think they look fabulous.  
Heart shaped frames can be very kooky, but this pair are quite 'grown-up' I reckon.  Heart Shaped £12
I'd quite like these Metal Highbrow £12 as 'winter' sunglasses.   
I already own the Tortoiseshell Highbrow £12 and looove them.  
I think the Tort Ridge £12 though could be my newest obsession, they look fabulous and I'll definitely be getting these.  
I'm not sure how I feel about this pair.  Are they the right side of quirky? Square frame with round lens £15.   
The Premium Lizard £25 are definitely firmly in the quirky zone and remind me of the H&M/Anna Del Russo pair.  I think they look great on the model though.  
JP have clearly taken inspiration from Prada for this pair, Jeepers Peepers 'Lily' £16
While this pair are very similar to a Swarovski style, Jeepers Peepers 'Zaffran' £18.  
I'm not a round framed person usually as I don't want to to look like a member of The Beatles (!), but I love these Wildfox 'Bel Air' £162.   
All styles are available from ASOS and you can use the code VIPALERT for 25% off full price items until 24th Feb (valid on one order up to £500).  Anything take your fancy? I just need to work out which ones I'll buy as I didn't realise my wishlist had grown soooo long!

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  1. I have a huge obsession with sunnies! Love these, the top ones are def on my list!

    1. those ones are fab, think I'll be gettingthem. My collection consists of dirt cheap pairs from Primark or really expensive designer styles and not much in between!

  2. Oh my word! What a find, thanks for sharing. Decisions, decisions...

  3. I've recently developed a sunglasses obsession,currently have 4 different pairs in my bag....shame there's no sun

    1. Yeah it's been freezing since I posted this and no sun!

  4. Oh those are some gorgeous sunglasses! I too share your obsession with them <3

    I remember I bought some from asos in the winter sale which are just like a pair of Prada ones with the scrolly twirls on the arms, really pretty and they only cause like £4 or something haha :D

    Also the pairs you've posted here with the little flowers in the corners, they have some just like that in Primark for £2 if anyone wants a super bargain! & they also have a black pair with tiny silver skulls too, looking forward to seeing what other designs they'll get as we (Hopefully!) get closer to summer :D

    1. I love my Prada swirlies ; ) Will definitely be checking those new ones out in primark, thanks for posting, love Primark sunglasses!

  5. Hallo Liebes,

    Gerade bin ich auf deinen Blog gestossen. Warum ist er mir vorher nie aufgefallen?
    Toll, wirklich!

    Ich freue mich auf deinen Besuch.
    Liebe Grüsse,



  6. These are some nice and cat eye sunglasses, it looks great and nice collection.


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