Monday, 18 February 2013

Monster High Monday: C.A. Cupid

I was quite excited after a weeks rest to get back into Monster High Monday! It was a beautiful day, so I wanted something quite fresh and spring-like, cue the adorable CA Cupid. I was very unsure about purchasing her at first, as although I like pink, I hate the tacky-pink Barbie stuff you get and MH are about as far removed from a traditional Barbie doll as you can get! So I wondered if Cupid was veering into Barbie territory. Add to that the fact I think heart shaped lips on dolls (or anyone) looks very severe and not very endearing. I couldn't have been more wrong though. When she arrived, I both fell in love with the doll and the character. She's the sweetest l'il thing; each new character that is introduced comes with a 'pet'. Cupid doesn't have one though because she says "I would love to have a pet, but there are so many fish in the sea, how could I choose just one?"  I think that sums her up, a wee cutie pie.
I was pretty psyched to get to try her luscious aqua eyes too as that's not been a colour I've played with on MHM yet. Cupid has pure white skin (but jet-black hands and feet) and wears a bright pink blush, the heart shaped lips and pastel pretty eyes.
On my face I wore YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat in BR10 with Illamasqua Rich Foundation in 115 to white out my lips and as an undereye concealer. On top of that is ELF Studio HD Loose Powder in translucent and on the cheeks MAC/Barbie Powder Blush in Don't Be Shy (Satin), which is a pretty, sweetie-pink (Cupids blush is actually much brighter than it looks in her portraits here).
For the eyes, I applied Too Faced Shadow Insurance, then a Versace eyeshadow in V2025 (a pale pink) to the lids and upwards of the crease winging it out. Up to the crease I applied a mixture of the blue shade from Dior's 235 Diorcraze duo and No7 Stay Perfect in 12 Pacific Green. I was struggling to find the correct tone, one looked too green the other too blue, but a combination of the two seemed to work alright. Mascara is Lancome Hypnose with YSL Waterproof eye pencil and Lancome ArtLiner. Overall it perhaps wasn't as bold as I'd have liked, but pastel toned eyeshadows tend not to pack a punch colour-wise.
The pink colour of Cupids lips aren't very fuchsia, they are bold but more of an orange toned pink and once again I felt MAC's Viva Glam Nicki would do the job (proving invaluable for MHM!). I used a blue toned-fuchsia lip liner underneath to get the shade just right. It's '36DD' by Pout and I just outlined then filled in the centre section of my lips and left the rest free for the Cupid look. It became very difficult to swallow or smile for photos without blotting the top lip onto the bottom, hence the the coloured section getting bigger as the photo-shoot went on!! It was fun to try it for a short time anyway!
So how do you think it went this week? I think it was another really fun one to do. I wished I'd added little hearts into my eyes too like Cupid though! Here we are mid-shoot discussing how it's gone... ; )


  1. So cute! I think pink eyebrows would have really completed the look :)

    1. do you know I thought the exact same thing AFTER taking the photos..not sure what I would use for it. I think I have a bright pink powder eyeshadow, that could've worked, but I couldn't be bothered re-taking all the pics!


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