Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Irregular Choice 'Flopsy' Bunny Update

I thought I'd give you a little update on the 'Flopsy' Irregular Choice shoes we've all gone gaga for. It appears they will be available in the UK in March, so you've got a little time to save ; )
Above are the original polka dot shoe-boot version that I showed you last month. It appears they will also be made in plain black suede.
I love that IC have coordinated the bunny bows to match the shoes! There will also be an embroidered mary-jane called 'Thumper' which will be available in red or black.
I decided last week that I still liked the blue spotty pair (even if the black would maybe be more versatile). That was until I saw these this 'Binky' the purple shoes complete with little bunches of grapes should bunny get hungry.
They kinda threw me, I like the shoe shape and the colour is fabulous. I don't think I even want to venture into the grounds of, could there be other colours of Binky and/or other bunny heeled styles? I think I'm going to stick with the spotty Flopsy. Maybe. Since word got out about these, the demand is haaaauge, everybody wants them. I think we should act fast and hope that IC have plenty stock to keep up with demand.  I really hope everyone who wants them can get them but I'm tipping a sell-out. All of these images are taken from the IC Hong Kong Facebook page (those lucky devils have the shoes now!!), so all colours and styles may not be available in the UK, I'm just passing on possible options for you to make your mind up now.  I also checked out the prices on the Hong Kong site and the price for both Flopsy and Thumper is the same as the full-price of Audrey Loves from A/W, which were £99 here, so I think we're looking around that mark.  What are you thinking, still liking the polka dots or leaning more towards another colour or style?


  1. These are the cutest shoes i have ever seen !
    I like the spotty ones best :)
    I can't help but think they would hurt to walk in though :/
    Launa xx

    1. I know, they are ridiculously cute!! Hope they are comfy, want to wear them loads!

  2. I love these soo much I think the polkadot ones are my favourites xx

  3. I can't decide! I really love the black Mary Janes now that you've brought them to my attention - that embroidery is so pretty.

  4. those are so cute!

  5. I'm torn between the blue polka dots & either the red or black Mary janes. But then I do like the purple ones too but not sure about the grapes! Decisions, decisions.
    Getting on brilliantly with my UD Oz set. Gorgeous colours, especially the pale shimmers, so pretty. ;0)

    1. at least the grapes aren't mahoosive like on previous styles, where they'd be walloping about your ankles! I almost bought the UD palette the other day when I was getting my MAC Nicki Minaj stuff online. Was so tempted but talked myself out of it.

  6. Think I'll be going for the polka dot ones first :)


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