Friday, 5 February 2010

This Week Highs and Lows

A little round-up of what's been happening this week.

Topshop got more stock of the giraffe ring I wanted, so I quickly ordered it. Today they have the swan ring as well (shame I hadn't waited to get that too). Loving the beautiful owl ring, although it's £30, eeek!
  • Gwen Stefani is going to bankrupt me! I already own all of the original Harajuku Lovers fragrances as well as the Snow Bunnies (Limited Edition) version and now there's the new 'Sunshine Cuties' (above). Available in 10ml (£15 each), my local Boots already has stock, although I'm going to wait and see if they do a free gift somewhere (they didn't even have testers to try out). The fragrances are all different this time round and the girls look super cute in their swimsuits with tans!
  • Almost completely paid back my massive post Christmas spending spree, hallelujah! Can't wait to have some cash again.
  • Struggling with my MAC addiction. Was coping well and then they release a whole bunch of new stuff and I'm already totting up a list of must-haves! Mostly lipsticks which is unfortunate as they are so expensive now. I was looking back to last year and lipsticks were £11.26 while lipglass was £10.28, then they went up to £12 and £11.50 and now with the VAT increase and another MAC increase they are £12.50 and £12! I now can't afford to buy loads like I used to : (
  • Another MAC rant, I hate their website. I know it changed a couple of months ago, but I still can't get used to all that flash nonsense, grrrr.
  • Can Katie Price/Jordan not just disappear, pleeeease. A couple of weeks ago she dumped that bloke from Big Brother because he was embarrassing her in the house, then he wins and suddenly he's 'the love of her life' and she marries him! Peter Andre is well rid and I just feel sorry for this Alex guy, cos she'll kick him to the kerb at some stage too and we'll all have to hear about.
  • Continuing on annoying celebs, can we just stop pretending Brad is going to get back with Jennifer (boring/desperate) Aniston. I know everyone loved them together, personally I can't stand her, but I loved Britney and Justin together and even I admit they aren't going to get back together, move on people!
  • Florence & The Machine allegedly pulled out of Simon Cowells Haiti charity single because the other people involved weren't 'cool' enough. How ugly is that? Surely she should want to use her current popularity to raise money no matter what. She could only hope of having a career that lasts as long as Westlife! Personally I think it's a refreshing change to see the likes of Kylie, Leona, JLS, Michael Buble, SuBo etc being included. Some of these people do a lot of charity work which goes unnoticed because they happen to sing happy, cheesy songs! If the song consisted of Bono, Coldplay and the rest, wouldn't it just be Band Aid and that (apart from Dizzee) was a bore.
  • Missed out on my weekly fix of Star mag this week, it isn't in any of the shops here. What happened?
  • Saw gorgeous shoes in Look from River Island, completely stunning, so I'm stalking the website everyday.
  • Enjoyed watching the Grammys on ITV2 on Wednesday (it's repeated on Sunday morning if you missed it). Lady Gaga was great and I was completely dizzy at Beyonce with her knee, head banging dance, whoo!
  • Trying to figure out if I want the Louise Goldin for Topshop spike and studded court shoes (above) when they go online. They aren't quite as menacing as the original prototype, although still cute.
  • Disappointed with the Oscar nominations in terms of fashion, Penelope Cruz may be the only outfit to look out for!
  • Thinking of doing something different with my hair. I still want it pink, but was thinking of maybe mixing with toner for a lighter shade? Haven't tried it before so not sure what ratio to use and if it'll even work!
  • Sad that Ugly Betty has been axed. That last series was amazing, I really loved the move to be more serious and less stupid, it actually made me cry almost every week!
  • Damn Miss Selfridge for creating this perfect summer wedding dress but not making it in my size. My boobies will never squeeze into that. It's about time the high-street wised up and made clothing bigger than a 16.
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