Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Do You Have £150 To Spend At Topshop?

So it's London Fashion Week and Topshop have finally released their spiked Louise Goldin courts online, as well as new Emma Cook sandals and their Unique footwear range. I'm not totally thrilled with this drop to be honest. I've said before that the Goldin courts aren't as fierce as first anticipated and the watered down version just doesn't float my boat, not for £150 anyway. Don't get me wrong, they are lovely shoes, but just not 'must-haves' for me. I'm sure there will be some creative bloggers out there customising their own pair for a fraction of the price!
Now remember those ruffle peep toes from Emma Cook last Spring? Apart from the fact they were ridiculously small and I had to send my pair back, they were stunning, catwalk, heavenly shoes. This year however, we have a sort of modified Jesus sandal (above)! I'm really not kidding. Some of the elements for a pretty shoe are there, like the bow, graded colours overlapping around the heel and interesting tapered ankle strap. They just leave me flat though, altogether it doesn't really work, they look awkward and clumpy with that open toe, when they could've looked elegant. Perhaps they look better in person, on the foot.
Finally the Unique wedges, not keen on the sandals so much, the knotted pair above aren't too bad, but the velcro fastened ones (£140) are similar to the Emma Cooks, there is something about the open toe which just doesn't look right. Oddly enough though, I really like the trainer wedges (below). In soft blush or mint shades they are unique, they feature a wedge heel with a coloured section made to look like a heel and overall have a cute shape. If I had £150 (which I don't), these would get my vote.
All shoes shown here £150 and available at Topshop.com now.

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