Friday, 19 February 2010

A Lighter Shade of Pink

So, Pink Haired Princess is going to become a much lighter Pink Haired Princess, that's hair colour not weight! I've bought my usual hair dye and some toner/mixer to lighten the shade (on the right). You know when you've been feeling sluggish and want to change your hair? I used to be terrible for this, if something happened, I'd cut a short fringe, colour it or do something radical! I actually first went pink about 8 years ago, after a messy situation with a boy. I'd had enough of being blonde and was going to go 'sensible' brunette and while browsing the shelves of hair dye, I saw pink and that was that! Let's just say that boy got a shock next time he saw me! I've currently been this shade for the past few years-so I'm overdue a change. When I started this blog, my hair was really long and I chopped most of it off last April, but apart from the varying lengths of fringe, it's been the same. I've been hiding it under a hat all year because the dye didn't take very well last time, so hopefully this little overhaul will make me feel better. And of course you'll be the first to see the new cut and colour!


  1. how did it go with the hair?
    have you dyed it yet??

  2. Not done it yet, think I'm cutting and bleaching tomorrow, then experimenting with the pink later in the week. I'm quite excited!


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