Monday, 1 February 2010

Gaga Grammy

O.M.G. I'm lost for words. I don't care who won what, all I can say about the Grammy Awards is "I love Lady Gaga", what a genius, I love her! And who knew Armani had it in him to design such an insane outfit? It included a nude, jewel encrusted body suit which seemed to cover her head and her hair was a wig attached to the hood? Click the close up pic and you'll get what I mean.
If you've not already watched her performance with Elton John, then you have to youtube it, amazing again and I loved the sparkly green, plus another pair of insane, spangly boots that I must have (she's making me so jealous)!
She really does love that teacup doesn't she (below)? Another outfit to collect her awards and another to watch the show! Immaculate makeup throughout and I'm sure Swarovski will never go out of business with Gaga on the go!

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