Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Haul pics: Topshop, Primark, H&M, Too Faced

Had a great day shopping on Monday. I was returning a pair of shoes that didn't fit and unexpectedly ending up buying lots of goodies! First stop was H&M, where the kids department didn't let me down, with their super cute bow hairbands and Hello Kitty clasps. I tried not to purchase too much, because as you know I've got dozens of cute little clasps already. I did manage to get a pair of Hello Kitty clip-on earrings, how exciting! The ring that came with it is tiny, so that went to my sister, but I'm thrilled with the earrings. These bow hairbands in floral print are stunning, they have a real puffy shape which I adore.
In Debenhams, I checked out the Topshop section for once, just incase they had some cute jewellery. I've included some pics of my giraffe ring, which arrived at the weekend. I feel a bit bad about this, but there were two women browsing the same section and they placed this necklace (£20) back on the stand and naturally, I grabbed it. It was the only one and is stunning. I'm sure this was online the other week and sold out instantly. There are lots of similar styles in Topshop and other places like Miss Selfridge, Asos, Dorothy Perkins etc, but I felt this truly looked vintage. The clock really works and the lid flips open with the push of the button on top. It's just as pretty on the back too.
After that I spotted this ring (the only one again), which is majorly heavy and chunky and I fell in love. It was £10, but I was prepared to pay that because I liked it so much. I also got this green, polka dot net bow hairband (another random one on it's own) which was £8 down to £2. The two women were still browsing and I felt they were annoyed that I took the necklace, but that's what you get for giving it up in the first place! Anyway, when I went to the checkout, I was charged £22. Turns out the hairband was £1, as was the £10 ring! I was mega excited!!
Primark are reducing the area designated to dresses every time I'm in, which is worrying. They didn't have all that much new, apart from this floral number £13, which came with a tacky chain belt which I've thrown out. Then I spotted a pretty cream lace dress £15, very thrifted looking. They had it in grey too, which was even prettier, so I got that colour. I also bought a couple of pearl rings which were £2.50 each I think. Like I really need more massive rings, I know! I'm going to end up like one of those old ladies with clinking rings on every finger! I also spotted a sweet, shell shaped bag, but it was upstairs and that point I didn't think I was buying anything else and wasn't going to queue just for that. However I'll get it next time hopefully.
Finally a quick stop at Boots, to see if they had the Harajauku Lovers Sunshine Cuties on offer (they didn't even have them at all). Then I spotted one GWP left with Too Faced. I had really wanted this cute little set online last month, but by the time I had money for it, the offer changed to 3 for 2. However the GWP stand had a 3 for 2 leaflet over the top, so I chanced my luck and it worked. I got the gift and 3 for 2, so got the much hyped Shadow Insurance (£11) for free! The ladies in the Dundee Boots are really sweet, unlike my local. I'm sure if I'd tried to get both offers there, they would have refused. These Lip of Luxury lipsticks (£12) are gorgeous so I might go back for more. This was the palest shade (Free Love) and apparently is infused with champagne, which you can definitely smell in the tube. The Glamour To Go palette (£16.50) is really dinky but filled with blush, 4 lipglosses and 8 sparkling eyeshadows.
A pretty fantabulous haul I reckon. I've also just ordered the swan ring from Topshop, another 50ml of 'L' fragrance by Gwen Stefani and my first bottle of Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood. I've loved this fragrance since it's launch, so I'm thrilled to finally own it.

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