Saturday, 20 February 2010

Nothing Goes To Plan

In a really bad mood today because I was going through the checkout process on Kurt Geiger and somebody stole the £29 bargain heels I was buying from my basket!! How rude. Whoever you are, I hope you trip on them....I'm kidding, kinda. Anyway I did order the most beautiful pair of courts I've ever seen and I'm pondering whether to now buy/plan an entire outfit around them to wear to my friends wedding in the summer. I'd been stalking the courts every day until I had enough money to buy them, so now I'll have to do the same for the stolen pair and hope they get one pair in my size again!
I'm also kinda pissed because I painted my nails last night, had a shower today and they are peeling, chipping already!! Such a shame as it's a lovely colour, but I won't be using that again-what a waste of time. They did however match my boots perfectly today, completely unplanned!

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