Sunday, 21 February 2010

Swatches: NYX Goddess Of The Night Lipgloss

I believe I swatched these glosses for you some months back, however I've bought a couple more recently along with lots more NYX lipsticks and also a bundle of the round lipgloss, so thought I'd update with (maybe) better pics. These glosses have changed their packaging lately and the flat sponge applicator is slightly better shaped. I found it much too large before. All of the lipglosses contain some amount of glitter, apart from 122 Natural. I'll explain in more detail the finishes below. They are very pigmented as far as glosses go and aren't really what I'd call high-shine, glossy gloss, it's more about colour than shine, so I'm a little puzzled by the description of "lipgloss with megashine".
Please note, I took the swatch photos a different day from the product photos and so the order changes slightly, so refer to the colours written in the image above and on the swatch pics.
101A Sugar Pie is infused with fine shimmer, quite sheer in comparison to the other shades and more glossy, a pale almost milky nude. Comes out pinkier than it looks in the tube. My newest and favourite.
104 Sweet Heart is my only frost finish. A pale, sweety, frosty pink. A little too 80's for my liking.
112 Frosteed Beige is a light gold with shimmer, could perhaps look nude-depends what it's paired with. Comes out with a slightly metallic finish as well as the shimmer.
121 Vanilla is a darker goldy shade than above. Again it has a metallic and shimmer finish. A true-gold.
117 Chestnut this is copper with shimmer and a metallic finish.
125 Iced Latte is a terracotta, reddish brown with shimmer and metallic finish.
122 Natural is a dirty neutral pink, similar to Thalia lipstick. This contains no glitter, so has more of a glossy sheen to it than the others.
106 Dream is similar to Orpheus lipstick, it's a taupe shade with strong grey cast. A shimmer and slight metallic finish.
110 Cosmo is a dark purple, very gothic shade with a grey tone. Again it has shimmer and a slight metallic finish and is similar in colour to Iced Lavender lipstick.

UK girls can buy their NYX at Cocktail Cosmetics and Love-Makeup. Coming soon, I'll be swatching my massive collection of NYX Round Lipsticks. Click the images to enlarge.


  1. Thanks for the swatches, really pretty!

    Fibrefrog xx

  2. No probs, glad you found them useful ; )


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