Friday, 9 January 2009

Bow down to the Stardoll Fashionista

Whilst browsing the My-Wardrobe sale, I once again realised that I am living my life vicariously through my Stardoll persona. Real Pink Haired Princess generally wears Primark and buys shoes from ASOS, while Stardoll-me had YSL Tributes at the height of their popularity, the most beautiful Anna Sui and Luella outfits, quilted Chanel bags in 3 different colours, Betsey Johnson prom dresses a la Agyness Deyn, clothes from movies such as Sex & The City and Breakfast at Tiffanys, plus the entire latest collections from DKNY and Vivienne Tam each season.

StarPlaza recently added a new designer to their mix, Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, priced considerably higher than other collections, although much cheaper than real prices. I immediately bought these resplendent violet ankle boots for (gasp!) 12 stardollars (above). Then, months later, I spot the real thing on My-Wardrobe in the sale for £180.50 (down from £361). Thus the realisation hit home that my Stardoll-me is indeed more fashionable than I! Or at least richer than me!

Joking aside, the graphics and real-life likeness of these outfits are awesome. Check out the tweed skirt dress ($15) which is reduced from £258 to £129. Until my circumstances drastically change I doubt I will continue to let my Stardoll lead the way in the fashion stakes!

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