Thursday, 31 July 2008

Stardoll MeDoll

To become a member of Stardoll it's very simple. There's no cost involved in signing up and you even get some free stardollars to start you off.
Making a MeDoll is lots of fun. I found that mine looks spookily similar to the real-life me. There are different body sizes and skin colours. Trawl through several facial features until you find the one that most looks like you and you can even add freckles, lipstick and blusher.
There are tonnes of hairstyles and more can be unlocked the more you play on the site. Under your suite on your page, you'll find 'starpoints'. Everytime you log in and play with the celebrity stardolls, or dress yourself or leave comments in albums etc you earn points. Once you reach a certain level you unlock new items to buy or new free hairstyles. Also, every day you log onto the site you earn 1 stardollar (a new scheme), so it's easy to get money for buying new things.
The stardoll shop has expanded drastically since the start. I'll go into more detail about StarPlaza later, but there is a Sephora where you can purchase makeup to further customise your MeDoll. The new Kat Von D collection was added to the shop recently. In Doree, superstars can buy hair dye (the range of colours constantly changes), if you feel you haven't quite nailed it with the small selection of free hair colours. You can try all hair and makeup items before buying and once you've bought them you can use them as many times as you wish.

There's also Splendid, an accessories shop filled with jewellery, hair accessories, sunglasses etc, as well as a range of Heidi Klum jewellery. There's always new jewellery in the shop to coordinate with the new clothing ranges and so you can wear different items every day to match your outfit.

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  1. je suis enscrit sur sardoll mai quan je mais mon nom et mon mot de pas sa marche pas sais la pas je de ma soeur qui vien on na pas le meme mont de ni le meme nom


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