Friday, 25 July 2008

FOTD 25/07/08

I've been shunning lots of eyeshadow lately and instead prefer a more simple eyeliner look. Today I used Urban Decay liquid liner in Smog, (an olive green shade), flicked out at the corners. I used BeneFit Some Kind-a Gorgeous as a base, Mark After-Glo blush and then decided to choose a barely there lip. I actually used the very inexpensive Miss Sporty Twinkle Shine lipstick in 130 DJ. I was going to wear gloss, but instead opted for this much neglected lippie. I think I've only used it once since I bought it. It's actually very nice, it's a really great nude shade with silver shimmer throughout. It's supposed to be sheer I guess as it's 'twinkle shine' lipstick, but as it's such a beautiful shade I would prefer it to have more substance to it. It's a lovely colour for summer though, the only thing slightly off-putting is the scent, I think it's apple. It's only upon applicaton that I smell it though, so I'll definitely use this more often now that I know how pretty it is.

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