Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Mac Haul

As promised, here are some pictures of my recent MAC haul. I got 5 eyeshadows from the Cool Heat range, Pleasantry mineralize blush from Sonic Chic and Major Minor lipglass and Mellow Mood lipstick, both from Electroflash. The lighting wasn't the best today and I really struggled to get a decent image of Mellow Mood, so I'm afraid there's no photo of that. It's a very pretty medium pink with gold shimmer throughout.
Warm Chill looks best in the top pic as it's washed out in the others. Cool Heat didn't really come out as it looks in real life, it's quite like Parrot, but very green (it looks blue in the images). Climate Blue, has very noticeable glitter in it, the others have more of a discreet shimmer.

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