Friday, 11 July 2008

Primark Haul

Remember I told you I went shopping last week for the first time in months? Well, going to one shop is the most I can do and even that's a struggle. I chose Primark and ended up spending a small fortune. For £186 though, I got a cute cropped leopard print jacket (£13), a very Carrie-esque purple and green floral coat (£17), grey Granny style lace up brogues and the most stylish brown platform ones (for £12 each), I love them as they have a concealed platform and stitched section on the toe (which makes them look very expensive). I got 5 clutch bags (including 3 gorgeous hard cased, moc-croc, long silver framed ones in black, cream and red, £6 each), 7 hairbands, a black vest (no seams and of excellent quality for only £3), a Luella inspired floral, ruffled blouse, 3 tops and 5 dresses. Phew! That was all we could carry. I think I was just lucky as they seemed to have a lot of new stock, I'm sure I could go next week and not find much at all.

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