Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The Shoe Addiction Continues...

Over at Celeb Style, I'm besotted with these Samba shoes from Topshop. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be purchasing them very soon as I added another 3 pairs of shoes to my out-of-control collection yesterday. In the New Look sale I picked up these floral courts and peach lace peep-toes for a tenner each (above). I also got the flying ice-cream/cupcake shoes from Irregular Choice at Schuh. I regrettably sent back the most gorgeous blue unicorn pair after I couldn't do the strap up. I hate those fiddly little buttons on elastic, that ping out of your fingers just as you think you've done them up. My foot wouldn't go in without taking the button out, so I decided they had to go back. I tried a size 6, thinking they would be slightly wider and therefore easier to do up, but they were huge on me. I ended up with the black in a size 5, with button fastened perfectly. It's just a shame Schuh don't stock the blue pair. Perhaps as they had been bought online and hadn't been tried on the button and strap were a little stiff, whereas the black were easier to take in and out. It's just my luck that the size 5's are out of stock in the blue now! I also picked up an Irregular Choice pinstripe clutch bag for £15 with flower embroidery on it.

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