Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Dream Shoes

I am multi-tasking to the extreme today peeps! I've got a ton of auctions ending on eBay, so am dealing with the sold items (getting all the details, checking payment, emailing back and forth and then parcelling them up), while listing some more items and re-listing the non-sellers. Add to that, writing this blog post and now all I need to work out is how to watch X-Factor, pack for going away tomorrow, eat something, paint my nails and deal with all those eBay parcels, all at once!  Hmmm, doubtful, I'll manage all that. I've even remembered to properly queue some posts on Tumblr for the next couple of days and have charged my toothbrush, camera battery and mp3!
Anyway you come here for shoes, not my life story and boy have I got some awesome ones for you today. Here are the joyous pair that I finally got my hands on, that have helped mend my broken heart after the Meadham Kirchhoff/Topshop disappointment (they're already processing my refund, so top marks for dealing with it so quickly and can everyone note, I'VE RETURNED THEM, so the emails and requests to buy them off me can stop please)! Anyway, meet my gorgeous little purple heart shoes (obviously looking twice as cute with my pj bottoms)!
They are Georgina Goodman for Luella and this Luella show (SS09) was one of my all-time favourite collections from anyone, ever! I just loved everything (I even blogged about it way back in 2009, er yeah, let's all cringe at the early blogging layout!) and I have longed for these shoes for the 5 years since I first saw them. They went onto my list of 'unlikely I'll ever own' shoes. It's not like I ever had the opportunity to buy them at the time, but I desperately, desperately wanted a pair. I've heard loads of people finding items from this collection in places like TK Maxx (eh, mine would never get something like this) and especially after the demise of Luella, the items became available in discount outlets and none of these places were accessible to me.  I've looked for them on eBay from time to time and think I only ever came across a black pair once, that I wasn't as in love with as the colourful pairs.
I don't know what made me look for them a couple of weeks ago, but I did. Complete chance and there they were! I was like "aaaaaaargh, that's them, that's them...eeeeeeek what size? Please be my size, please be my size, pleeeeeeeeease..." They were indeed a 5.5/38.5 and the Shoe-Gods were truly shining on me that day.
I prayed nobody else would bid on them as they were at a decent price (I didn't even alert anyone to them for fear they'd bid against me) and by fate, luck, whatever, I was the only bidder and paid for them before the seller could change her mind! Let me tell you, that week waiting for the auction to finish felt sooooo long! I didn't want to bid early (my Dad would say "don't show your hand too soon"), but I had visions of forgetting to bid, missing the date, leaving it too late and my computer going slow and me losing it and so on! Anyway, it all ended well. Fantastic actually.
They arrived and fit perfectly. They really couldn't have felt any better on. Orange isn't usually my colour, but I like the contrast here with the purple and lilac and the heart details are just so pretty. There's the large one on the front and this adorable cut-out at the back of my heel. The leather feels incredibly soft and the heel isn't too high, so they feel very comfortable and like I could wear them all day without any issues.
It really was meant to be.  What do you think?


  1. wonderful shoes!!! better quality than those meadham ones too x

  2. Oh wow! Those shoes are amazing, and yes, it certainly seems as if they were meant to be yours! Yay for finally adding them to your collection, after all these years!

  3. Ooh, they are nice!! Florrie has a pair of these, though hers have pink hearts I think and I've always thought they were cute!!! So glad you got them for a decent price!x

    1. Yes I've seen her lovely pair, they've made me drool for ages!

  4. Oh my goodness, that cut-out is sooooo cute! And I LOVE the heart in the front too! Love these shoes and am so happy for you that you got them! (Maybe wear these during your trip?)

    1. Thank you. Definitely considered these, but decided on another pair that went with more dresses I was taking : )


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