Friday, 1 November 2013

Out Now: Irregular Choice Dreamy (Santa)

I realise this doesn't give you much time to get organised, but I'd hoped to write it yesterday. I ended up spending the entire day eBaying, which further aggravated my bad back and in between taking photos and measuring shoes, I was alternating between on all fours panting or on my back on the floor taking deep breaths, so I wouldn't be sick from the pain! I'm going to try and take it easy today and hope it goes away, because when you're counting down the minutes until your next dose of painkillers, that's not a good thing!
Irregular Choice's 'Dreamy' Santa heels are launching in the UK today at 12 noon, online and instore. You can read my full review here from when I bought mine, but I just wanted to update with some more photos because I know some of you were interested in them.
They are slip-on courts with the same moulded heel as the gnome, but his clothes, skin and little details are all painted differently. The shoe itself is made of crushed velvet in deep red and black with a contrasting gold metallic trim and toe. Let me know if you're preparing for battle this lunchtime (you've got an hour) and if you manage to get a pair! Good luck!


  1. I just can't decide - they're lovely from the front, but I'm a bit of a Scrooge and I think they remind me too much of the freaky gnomes.

  2. Ha ha, they are funny but I think I will give them a miss (too high as usual!)

    1. : ) Wow, they sold out in 20 minutes, so glad I didn't have to participate in that mad rush!


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