Wednesday, 4 December 2013

What's In My (Travel) Bag: Skincare Edit

I'm back from my overnight stay in Glasgow and thought I'd put this together, much like the 'what's in my bag' style posts you see, but of the beauty products I took with me. I've separated the makeup bit for another post, so this is the skincare edition. Being away from home is a bit of a novelty for me. I used to be here, there and everywhere but now it's very rare that I'm anywhere but home! I hate packing though and always have. I usually take too much because I like having choices and hate that feeling of completely forgetting something or choosing to leave something behind that I probably end up needing. This time though, I tried to pack as light as possible and thankfully had everything I needed. Well, almost.
Ok, so starting with cleansers. A small bottle of Lancome BiFacil for removing eye makeup and I squeezed some Lancome Gel Eclat cleanser into this small jar my sister lent me. I have several Galateis Douceur travel sizes, but they aren't as efficient at makeup removal as this cleanser and at 50ml, they were bigger than I needed (considering I would only be using it twice). I also poured a little Tonique Douceur toner into a small travel size version. I considered leaving it behind altogether as I'm sure I wouldn't die from skipping it (!), however I think the pristine white hotel towels would thank me for ensuring all traces of makeup are removed!  I also took lots of cotton-wool pads.  
The smallest moisturiser I could find was this YSL Forever Youth Liberator Cream, which I haven't tried before. I'm usually a stickler for night and day creams, but there's little point in cramming two in.  I had several Lancome moisturisers in bigger jars and some were even glass, so this YSL one was definitely the most portable. I've been applying Lancome DreamTone twice a day for a couple of weeks now and didn't want to skip that, thankfully the bottle was small and light to take with me. Getting these mini versions in GWP's is so handy if you're a frequent traveller. Also in this photo is Oxy Emergency Spot Gel which needs no explaining really. Along with Lacura Eye Roll On. Again I'd usually have separate day and night (gel and creams) for the eyes, but there was no need for two and I've completely run out of eye cream right now, so this is all I had.
Regardless of how far I'm travelling, I'll always have a bottle of Soap & Glory Hand Maid with me. It's really....'handy' to have! My hands have been feeling quite dry lately, which is unlike them (I apply hand cream every night all year round anyway), so I found this little tube of No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Hand Cream (again from a gift with purchase), which was the most portable. Fragrance wise, I'm loving Lancome's La Vie Est Belle, so had two little spray vials in my handbag and this mini bottle in my makeup bag.  
The cute little jar below is my pill case (adorable huh?) for the meds I need.  I knew there would be mirrors in the hotel room, but I like having one in my handbag and also prefer to apply my makeup sitting on the bed rather than at a big mirror.  This Soap & Glory one came in a set and it's really light to carry and the glass is protected.  
The only thing I regret not taking and I swithered and dithered right up until leaving the house, was some dry shampoo.  My hair was playing up on Sunday night and I could've done with some va va voom from Batiste!  I didn't have a mini one though and thought it was pointless to drag the big can along, so left it behind.  In the grand scheme of things, it was no biggy.  You can see my travelling and evening outfits from Sunday on The Shoe Girl Diaries and tomorrow, I'll have finished my Monday outfit.  How light or not do you like to travel?  Do you hate being unprepared or forgetting something?


  1. I don't think I could possibly live without dry shampoo now, I love it far too much

    Leeannelle | Fashion and Beauty blog


  2. You should defimitely get some mini bottles of dry shampoo for next time (I'm not sure what brand you use, but some brands make mini versions as well as the normal sizes). I only use dry shampoo if I don't wash my hair for over a week (sounds gross I know but my hair don't get oily at all so I usually wash my hair once a week and if I forget I use dry shampoo and it lasts another day but then I wash it right after because I dunno, dry shampoo makes my hair feel weird)...

    1. Yes Batiste do smaller ones and usually I have some to hand, but wasn't very prepared this time. No, I'm the same, my hair really doesn't need washed much. I try to last a week to prolong my colour. Yeah it can be very drying using too much dry shampoo, but I find dry conditioner sorts that out! The lengths I go to to avoid washing my hair!


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