Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Comparison Swatches: YSL Cashmere Pink

After my swatch request last month, I had another from Lissa Jaye this time, regarding a YSL lipstick. I immediately came up with some comparisons, but finding the time to write it up has taken longer than I expected, so I apologise for that. I do love getting these requests though (and would kinda like to make it a regular feature) and will respond but it might take some time to fit it in around everything else. Hint-hint if they're lipsticks or pencils or something really easy to swatch then I'm likely to respond quicker : )
So Lissa wanted to know if I knew of any dupes for YSL Rouge Pur in 126 Cashmere Pink/Rose Cachemire. If it's because this line is now discontinued then the perfect dupe is YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 09 Rose Stiletto, the 'newer' version if you like. It's a really good match in colour. However if you're looking for a cheaper alternative then I have some close but not perfect dupes. My product photos aren't that hot (my camera really hates trying to focus on several things in one photo) but my swatches are good and that's what matters.
From left to right we have No7 Moisture Drench in 90 Waterlily, Wet'n'Wild Mega Color in Eternal Rose, Bourjois Docteur Glamour in 19 Brique secouriste, YSL Rouge Pur in 126 Cashmere Pink, YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 09 Rose Stiletto, Clinique High Impact in 17 Rosette and hiding in the corner, Barry M Lip Paint in 73 Mulberry.
I've had a quick look online and I think they discontinued that Barry M shade, Bourjois is definitely discontinued but you might find it on a discount makeup site and as for the No7 one, there is a 'Waterlilly' but I'm not sure if it's the same colour as the number was different and their swatch looks like a light pink. WnW is difficult to find in the UK now and I'm not sure that they still make that particular shade. This is probably proving very unhelpful (!) and I probably should've checked what was/wasn't discontinued beforehand, sorry!  
Ok, so onto the swatches and I've placed the lipstick in question along the top, so it's easier to see how the other lipsticks match up to it.
From left, No7 is lighter than YSL and less 'dirty', it's got an almost coral tone to it. Wet'n'Wild is a pretty good match, although it leans a little more red. I think it's the nearest in my 'budget' lipsticks though. Bourjois is much darker, more brown and reddish and not a good match at all. As I've already said, the YSL 09 Rose Stiletto is almost identical, it's probably a little bit darker than 126 Cashmere Pink. Clinique is more red and also has this copper sheen to it which the YSL doesn't. Barry M is a mauve colour and not much like it at all.
Off the top of my head, I think Lancome L'Absolu Rouge in 06 Rose Nu would also be a really close match, but I couldn't find mine the day I took these photos.  It's certainly worth checking out.  I hope this is of some help and I'm kicking myself for not picking some more alternatives that are available right now.  I already have another request for a discontinued Rimmel lipstick-I've yet to search for it and find dupes, but will get on that when I have a spare moment.  Please let me know if I can help out with anything else and thank you all for your helpful comments yesterday regarding my Topshop/Meadham Kirchhoff stuff.  I parcelled up and sent the return today...broke my heart a little, but there you go.  I thought all of your comments were particularly lovely though.    


  1. well are you collecting some of bronzer / shading powder too?
    if you do,as you may already know while reading this...
    want swatches!
    and if not,maybe vivid coloured (also matte as possible) eyeshadows' swatches<3 which in the reasonable prices haha
    I'd specially like to know about black eyeshadows,ones MATTE and DARK
    I'd be happy if you do it whenever you feel like it ;]
    thank you

  2. Oooh ok, thanks for all the ideas. Not sure I have many matte eyeshadows as I tend to buy shimmery finishes. Black I have a lot of, although most are in palettes...will have to get looking. Bronzers....used to buy a lot, but haven't for years...will get checking my stash : )


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