Monday, 25 November 2013

Meadham Kirchhoff For Topshop Haul

So here are my Meadham Kirchhoff goodies that arrived from Topshop on Saturday. Weeks of stressing, a few hours of unsettled sleep, a late night, an early start, a helluva lot of money and a near heart attack and computer thrown through the window in rage from the pressure on the day of the sale and I'm afraid to report it's not all good news from here.
The red sparkly shoes, the pair I really wanted, don't fit. I thought they looked small whenever I took their colourful quirkiness out of the box, but actually my foot slipped in Cinderella style and they hugged my feet perfectly. The straps had other ideas though.
They fasten with a metal stud, so it's hit or miss, there's no room for manoeuvre. I could get all but one strap fastened (and none on the other foot strangely) and the other strap isn't even close to closing. Absolutely gutted. Add to that the fact one stud is already broken (not sure if it was already like that or if I broke it opening it-some straps were closed in the box, some open). Had they fitted and the stud was broken, I'd have been even more furious because Topshop don't do exchanges, so I'd have missed out on them through no fault of my own.  You can see the snapped stud below.  Opening and closing them doesn't feel all that secure given that the stud isn't attached to the shoe, but a strip of stretchy leather (not enough stretch to pull and fit me before you ask), so you're pulling on that to separate the stud and it could easily be broken because it's easier to remain on the other half of the stud than pull with you.  
I'm still sorely disappointed though. They were even better than I'd imagined, the shape was just perfect (despite me not usually being a fan of pointed toes) and I so wanted to wear these for Christmas. I'm now wishing I'd got the pastel version which only had one strap across as I'd maybe have had better luck with them, but I can't even remember if they had my size at the time or not. For £180 though, I expect a sturdier fastening and they are too expensive to remain an 'ornament'!
So then I bought the sequin heart shaped bag (hoping to match with my shoes). I'm not sure if I want to keep it without the shoes. I love the lace, although wish it wouldn't curl into the bag like it does, but the looped strap is a little annoying. As it's only attached at one side (but located in the centre of the bag), the bag kinda feels lopsided and spins a lot. Do I keep this anyway or not?
Next, the pastel fluffy shoes. Now these felt big, in length and width. I'm not sure if it's because they are supposed to be styled with tights and socks (but then so were the red pair and there's no chance of that)! The strap on this pair fastens with velcro and I find myself pulling it as tight as I can to make the shoe feel more secure. They aren't uncomfortably big and the leather lining in both pairs makes it feel like they would never rub at or hurt your feet.
Aside from feeling big, they look massive, maybe to the point of clown feet or something! It's something I'm not used to as the majority of my shoes are on the slender side rather than clumpy and clumsy.
I was surprised to see the heel is 4" as they were described as 'mid' height heels and I suspected only 2.5-3" at a push (so that's a plus point for me). Like I thought before they arrived, I love the colours, the bow, the toe shape and the fact that I feel nobody else would be crazy enough to wear them besides me (at least not around these parts)! However I'm still split with them. The sensible part of my brain is saying the fur will get dirty instantly and they would have to be 'fair weather' shoes, only worn in dry conditions and not on grass, mud etc. Not exactly practical, especially in Scotland. I'm also at a loss of how to style them. I think they look great with little socks, but it's the rest of my outfit that I just can't quite figure. I can't think of one dress I own that will look awesome with this.
The shoe obsessive part of my mind is thinking I'll never see another pair of shoes like these again, so should jump on them. Plus it's in the back of my mind that the whole day and stress was for nothing if I send it all back, you know? For £130, I need to be head over heels for them though. I'm not sure I am.  I hope you can see how massive they look (especially as you're accustomed to looking at my feet on The Shoe Girl Diaries), my leg and ankle look like they could snap with the sheer size of the shoes!
Finally the striped socks. I was rather confused to see these thrown in the parcel, not attached to each other, not in a plastic bag or carded or anything. Just loose and tossed in. If I wanted to return these or if someone bought them instore, how do they put them through the till with no barcode or anything to scan or know I haven't worn them? It felt a bit like a free gift that I hadn't paid for. Thankfully I don't want to return them (I might as well keep one memento of the whole mess).
I wish this was all better news and can't express how disappointed I am, especially with the red shoes. It obviously wasn't meant to be and in better news I managed to score a pair of shoes at the weekend that have been on my wishlist for years and that I thought I'd never be lucky enough to own. So I guess it all goes full circle. Questions is, should I keep the fluffy shoes and/or the heart bag? I'd love to hear what you think. Now I'm away to dry these tears : (


  1. I'd send them all back bar the socks, if I were you. The red shoes are a shame, but they're not good quality if they're broken already (whether they arrived like that or broke immediately, either way that's not good). And the fluffy ones just look a bit too odd, and they're not practical - you won't wear them if you can't think immediately of something to wear them with.
    Don't keep the bag, it doesn't look that great and without the shoes I'm sure there are better bags you could get which would be cuter.
    What shoes did you snap up at the weekend? Can't wait to find out! x

    1. Exactly. I agree : ( Some Luella/Georgina Goodman heart shoes-soooooo excited!

  2. Such a shame about the red ones! However, I do actually love the quirkiness of the fluffy ones, I mean yeah, they're not practical whatsoever, but they are so insane it makes them lovable to me (plus they make your legs and feet look so cute and dainty its adorable!) But I suppose if you're not 100% in love, you should send them back. Shame on Topshop sending you a broken or at least dodgy pair!

    1. Haha, I thought the same thing-instant slim ankles! I know what you mean, their crazy factor is so endearing. Boo on the dodgy studs.

  3. As much as it may pain you, I'd send it all back (except for the socks) and spend the money on something truly fabulous instead. I'm sure there's some gorgeous Charlotte Olympia or Miu Miu pair waiting for you somewhere!

    1. Yeah I have to agree as much as it pains me to send them back : (

  4. Aww poor you. It's sad that the goodies didn't live up to expectations. I was so looking forward to see how you would style the gorgeous red shoes (a little like a grown-up Dorothy, in my mind). I looked up on ebay and people are making a killing reselling these since most of the nice pieces are already sold out. I do hope you'll get something utterly fabulous elsewhere.

    1. Yes I thought they were Dorothy type shoes too! Oh well. Yes, I did wonder if I could make a fast buck selling the other pieces on eBay but I didn't want to turn into a scalper! I notice the £750 fur coat was BIN £1750!!

    2. Those red shoes are really soo gorgeous /dreamy eyes...
      Well, in your case, I think it's fine since you didn't buy it intending to resell at a high price (That person selling the fur coat is really an awful person, I have to admit). And selling in on eBay gives other people (in other countries too) a fair chance of getting something, rather than depending on timing and sheer luck. :)


  5. Those first two red shoes are beautiful.. so disappointing they didn't live up to expectations.
    I hate it when you want something for so long, you finally get it and it's nothing like what you thought it would be. Never mind.. there will be plenty of other things, it's obviously just clearing room in your wardrobe for something better :)


    1. Thank you, yes obviously wasn't meant to be. The other pair I ordered at the weekend arrived today and fit perfectly, so I'm happy and they cost nowhere close to the prices of the MK stuff.

  6. most of times I feel like "Topshop" is kind of good with idea of designing but not creating.because most of their product that I've seen is really lacking of details of structures.and I hate how that's unprofessional as they selling their things at high prices(that doesn't really deserve).and even not doing exchanging.even with their fault!
    and may their excuse is consumer needs check with their eyes on own or some shit but that sounds just they are fucking lazy bastard to me!!
    well that's so unlucky that you've got this shit after you've finally got them in your hand...
    and I feel the same with that fluffy one!and have the shoe kind of same with that thing...too risky to wear without getting dirt!!but want to wear a lot</3
    because even with "fair weather day" feel like anything could happen to dirt it lol I'm so paranoid
    feel like need put carpet everywhere I walk with those shoes,just like crazy bitch haha
    and anyways I haven't wore it yet except wearing it in my room checking on mirror...
    I'm too scared ××
    only idea that I've been thinking I could wear it outside is,when go outside with CAR and go directly inside (something like restaurant).but that's...... :/ %#※@!

    1. Aw I know, too scared they get dirty! The red ones beside the issue with the stud just fitted like a dream and felt so lovely on, so it's such a shame they don't fit. I've dealt with customer service before regarding broken items and they just tell you to re-order which for something like this (that sold out within hours) is impossible! Plus you have to pay delivery again. Sooo annoying.

  7. grrr I hate that WE have to pay for delivery!
    first,already sad losing the item that I liked but need let go + there's no more left in the shop so all I can do is get back money or may buy something that in same price or blahblah~.but usually just get money back.
    and then need waste money for sending it back?!
    uuuugh that makes me too angry...
    but anyways
    let's see what kind of pretty shoes coming for you next<3hehe

  8. Sweetie, I am so so sorry to hear about the red shoes!! :'(( Especially since they look SO AMAZING :/// I would have gotten these myself but too expensive before Christmas and they're sold out. The furry shoes really do look big on you (the side view mainly) but then again all furry shoes tend to look big, no? The bow on them is really sweet though, so not sure if I would keep them or not if I were you.

    Now on to the happy stuff, which new shoes did you get?? :)))


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