Thursday, 25 October 2012

Sparkling Soles

You know I love glitter and sparkles and also shoes. So glitter shoes are a no-brainer! This season, sparkly uppers aren't enough though; embellishment has progressed to the soles.  Yep you heard right, glitter soles is where it's at girls!  I think it's utterly fan-freakin-tastic! I happen to own a pair of glitter soled shoes (my Kandee 'Diamonds') because y'all know I'm soooo ahead of the trends! However these savvy pairs have no glitter on the base, just sparkles where you can see 'em.  I can't see anything against having pretty soles to look at especially when it in no way affects the way you walk in the shoes and in these instances isn't ruined by walking on them.  Here's a selection of what Net-A-Porter currently have to offer
The stones on these Lanvin crystal embellished pink satin courts (£970) are exactly like those in the heel of my Fashionistas Corso Como suede courts.  I have to admit to finding several little cone shaped jewels on my floor after wearing mine, so let's hope these suckers are well stuck in!
Now these are pure decadence!  The rich hue, the jewelled heel, which almost disappears into the sole of the same material, plus you get a little smattering of crystals on the toe too!  It's no wonder the Jimmy Choo 'Tame' cost £1495!
If ever there were a queen or king of glitter shoes, it would be Miu Miu, so of course they would know how to do a glitter sole.  These Miu Miu wine suede peep toes (£450) are rather tame for the brand, until you note the luxurious glitter sole, ahhh lovely.
It would probably be much harder to miss the glitter on these Miu Miu pink suede and purple glitter platforms (£445).  I love the glitter peeking through on the heel, it's utterly fabulous.
By gum they even do boots!  Yep take a rather standard pair of black ankle boots, add some silver glitter to the heel and sole and wham, you have party central!  Miu Miu black suede and silver glitter ankle boots £550.
If the pink satin wasn't quite for you, then how about these Lanvin embellished black leather courts £1005?  Pricier, but more subtle and much more versatile.
If you prefer your glitter where you can see it, then you'd be bonkers not to fall in love with these Charlotte Olympia 'Priscilla' multi-coloured glitter courts £645.  One word; fab-u-lous!  Will you be looking for glitter soles this party season?


  1. Oooh, liking the Jimmy Choos and Miu Miu no.1's!

  2. Lavin's are very cool. And sparkling soles seem to be a very lovely DIY inspiration! However, the shoes must be very high. Otherwise, there won't be much area on soles for sparkles. :-P I think they're better as candies for eyes.

    1. That's right, I think Miu Miu have a low heel pair with glitter soles, but you don't see the detail as well as on the high heeled pairs. I'm sure it would make for a brilliant DIY.

  3. Wow those shoes!
    Really nice blog with faboulous things!



  4. You are my heroine ! I can only dream about wearing some of those creations - enjoy your shoes and wear them thinking of all us flat footed wanna wears !


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