Monday, 29 October 2012

It's G-r-r-r-eat!

Do you know what Kellogg's 'Tony the Tiger' has in common with Lady Gaga and The Queen? Well he celebrates his diamond jubilee this year (like the latter) and to celebrate has been given a little makeover by celebrity fashion designer Philip Armstrong, who has dressed the likes of Ms Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry!
Armstrong has revamped the iconic neckerchief Tony wears, in vibrant red and purple animal stripes with a paw print. The neckerchief has changed position over the last 60 years but has never been redesigned until today. A small number of these scarves have been made, which will be available to buy in an online pop-up shop to commemorate the big 6-0.
There will be 500 of the limited edition Philip Armstrong scarves available from 6pm on November 2nd priced £6.99 each. The shop will be on eBay or you can like the Facebook page for a chance to win one and for more info. All proceeds will be donated to Fareshare food banks to provide 12,000 breakfasts to hungry school-children across the UK.
As you may know I'm not much of a scarf around the neck girl, I'm most definitely a scarf on the head girl though! Tony kindly sent me a scarf, so I had a play around with it today. It's not very wide, but it is long, so surprisingly versatile. For those days you want to go incognito...
I like that you see the paw print logo this way.
It can comfortably be tied around the head and into a bow.
Or twice around the head and into a knot.
Or if like Cinderella and I, you are forever scrubbing floors....!
This might just be my favourite though. I managed to make a huge bow in the centre of the scarf and pin the ends under my hair at the back.
Like I said it would work around the neck, here's me looking rather uncomfortable and frighteningly like one of my Aunties...
Picture me with long blonde hair and this was my Graduation; uncomfortable in every minute of the strict dress-code and unflattering gown!
Finally this look reminds me of my sister. We are not alike and she has rather questionable taste at times ; )
Heehee, so as you see it can be worn many ways. You could also tie it onto a handbag or wear as a belt if that's your thing. Here's a 'real' model, definitely doing the pussy-bow better than me! She's also wearing a Philip Armstrong AW12/13 dress and those gorgeous Charlotte Olympia shoes I blogged about last week!
Finally a few of my favourite Tony facts! He first appeared on packs of Frosties in 1952 when Manchester based Kellogg's ran a contest to pick a mascot for the cereal. Tony the Tiger beat Katy the Kangaroo, George the Giraffe and Newt the Gnu and became the official spokestiger in 1953. In 1974 he graced the cover of Italian GQ. In Mexico he is called Tigre Tono. He began to be humanised in the 70's when he was given an Italian American identity. He has a son and daughter, Tony Jnr and Antoinnette, a Mama Tony and wife Mrs Tony! So there you go, do let me know if you snag a scarf and what's your preferred cereal in the mornings?


  1. Ahh, you look grrrrrr-eat! Sorry, I could not resist that :) I really like the way you manage to make the headscarf thing look so good!

  2. I have a LOT of scarves. Sadly I do tend to wear them in the old granny style as dont have the confidence to try them in my hair! have been experimenting with different patterns/textures though. Have loads of coloured/fashion tights and am definately wearing them more since I found this blog so cheers!

    1. thank you! My neck is just too short for scarves around it, I think, so hair is the way to go for me : )


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