Monday, 15 October 2012

My New Ghoulia Blue Hair

If you follow my Facebook and/or The Shoe Girl Diaries, then you'll already know that I now have blue hair! A slight change to my regular turquoise. When I was lilac and looking for a new colour, I decided to go purple. I did the research, bought the dye (Manic Panic Amplified 'Ultra-Violet'), then my Mum freaked out at the colour in the bottle, telling me it would stain her new bathroom and I was banned from using it. A strop a 3 year-old would be embarrassed by and a whole lot of sulking later we compromised by using an unused tub of Manic Panic Amplified 'Atomic Turquoise' I had left over from before the lilac phase. It was that or the unattractive yellow/bleach period I was in, so there wasn't much choice really. I wasn't best pleased that I hadn't got my own way and although I like the turquoise, I'd already had months of it and wanted something different. So when it came to what to do next, I had an idea that I hoped my Mum would go for.
I re-ordered a couple more Atomic Turquoise, just in case my experiment didn't work (yes, they now come in bottles rather the little tubs) and I also added a couple of Crazy Color 'Bubblegum Blue' to my order.
It's one of three new pastel shades from the brand and I'd heard very mixed reviews about those colours to be honest. Some people said they didn't last long, applied patchy or even washed out immediately but there were a couple of great success photos I saw too. It was a bit of a risk as it always is when trying a new dye, but worth a try and at least I had the AT for back-up. I wanted it to be quite blue and some of the images I'd seen of it, it looked very similar to AT (which I didn't want). So I had the idea of adding a little purple into the mix, hoping it would make it more blue (as someone who's been an artist all her life, I seem to have forgotten everything about colour-mixing and couldn't decide if this would turn out more blue or go brown)! Plus it gave me the chance to use up some of the purple dye.  So I emptied an entire bottle of BB and a small blob of UV (honestly just one 'splat'). When the colour was on my head it looked very blue, so I was hoping it would work. The roots of my hair were bleached (light but bright yellow) with the ends a light green from faded AT. We actually ended up using another maybe half bottle of Bubblegum as we ran out towards the end.
The finished result was one I was happy with. I'd previously used Crazy Color when I was lilac and while I don't believe it is as long-lasting or strong as say Atomic Turquoise and it applies a little strangely (it feels like the colour just slips off the hair when applying with a brush), it's still not a wash/fade-out-in-one-wash dye for me. I had my apprehensions purely because I'm not actually a fan of the colour blue! I love turquoise but have never really liked blues (it's only after 14 years away from school that I can now wear navy without freaking out), so it was perhaps more than an odd choice to pick blue! Thankfully it didn't look too solid (here's me acting like that was intentional), as some of the turquoise (which looks green here) from before can be seen in places. It's given it a nice mermaid, sea effect. Anyway I was happy that I was one step closer to looking like one of my favourite Monster High girls Ghoulia Yelps (although I have better posture and can speak cohesively)! So this little photo-session ensued. The zombie pale skin, blue hair, big fringe and geek glasses, seperated at birth right?
As a comparison to how different it is from the turquoise, you can see for yourself here. I find AT usually comes out a blue-turquoise at the start but fades with time and washing to a green, however it looks completely green in comparison. I've had the blue for about three weeks now and it's turning greenish now.  I find very little dye escapes when washing (which pleases my Mum).  Next time I'm going more blue, now that I know I suit it.  I think I'll use Atomic Turquoise and put lots more purple in! I want bolder and darker! What do you think?
I buy my dye from BeeUnique, lipstick is Dior Rouge 974 Bold Claret, grey leopard print dress Primark, Monster High Ghoulia doll 'Dawn Of The Dance'.


  1. Wow, I love it. My immediate reaction was that it had a 'sea effect' as you said. You and Ghoulia could be twins. ;)

  2. Love your hair you have the most fab colours! Xx

  3. This is such a beautiful colour Im trying to pluck up the never to go for a totally different hair do!

  4. WOW! Your hair is absolutely attractive! It looks like cotton candy. Oh goodness, I can’t help but admire its prettiness. :’> The color shading is terrific, and I can say that you really got a knack at hair coloring. I love it! =)


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