Sunday, 21 October 2012

Haul: Topshop Animal Rings

I haven't bought jewellery for a while. Remember that time where every shop had kitsch, pearls, cute things and animal themed items that were right up my street and I bought non-stop? Well thankfully the jewellery trends have turned into something I'm not so keen on, so I've been given a little respite. Topshop got a ton more animal rings in recently though, so I kept a casual eye on them (I promise I didn't stalk!) and luckily when they went into the sale last week, they had my size left in every style I wanted. Everything was under a fiver, mostly £3.50-£4.50 if I remember correctly.
Suffice to say my animal-rings box is now bulging...this is it before this lot
as are my hands, definitely feeling the weight!
Here's close-ups of everything I got. Generally speaking I'm finding the large ring size much more generous than it used to be, aside from the elephant set. The smaller elephant is alright, but the bigger one, the ring is dodgy shaped and I'm struggling to get it down my finger. Elephant duo (each elephant is rather weighty)
Cute zebra duo
Cute little bunny
Mouse with glasses, I like to think he's a mad scientist!
A tiny, tiny little white bunny and some other ring that I'll probably never use along with an adorable pink pig. I love piggies and this one is so cute.
A duck
Finally these three are in a similar style, I thought they were quite unusual with the gold band but painted animal. The animals are all quite serious; the bunny is in no way cute, the monkey is pretty demented looking and possibly one of those scary clapping ones with the cymbals which could give me nightmares (plus he looks like someone.....Lee Evans!) and the dog is seriously moody and pissed off at something! They're good stacking rings though and like I said, I felt everything was quite generous, so thankfully I'm not restricted to just wearing them on my smallest ring finger.
Are you glad when you go slightly 'out of fashion', so you can save the pennies? Or do you always find a trend you like in the current fashion? And have you had any good sale buys lately?


  1. Aww I wanted to get the pig ring in store at the Prague Topshop store(we only have one) but they had only one and the paint on the piggie was chipped and they won't even give me a sale price on it. Sadly it's no longer available :/ oh well, hope you wear yours often so I get to look at it on your sites:)

    love, v

    1. Aw that's a pity, it's super adorable, I can see me wearing it loads.

  2. Love them all! I still love animal rings xx

  3. I once was an animal-ring fan, too. And I began to build a small collection as well. But I also find it hard to get some well-made ones. Sometimes they just look weird with poor quality. But when they're well sculptured, I just can't resist. :-P

    Among your new rings, I like the mouse with the glasses the most. It's just so cute and so funny. The rabbit with a rhinstone is very lovely, too. The position of the rabbit and the combination with the stone is very unusual!

    And I'm always so fond of your rainbow horse ring! Pure art for sure! (^.^)


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