Friday, 26 October 2012

I Do Love Moschino

Just a quick post tonight.  Remember the Love Moschino handbag debacle last month? Well I kept my eye out for further Moschino sales and one day Brandalley had a mixture of items and designers including one of the handbags I'd wanted. It was the nude quilted one and there was only one in stock. Normally I'd have danced around trying to justify the spend, instead I just chucked it in my basket and checked out as fast as I could! I had a £10 gift voucher to use, so that covered delivery and a bit extra. Sadly they didn't have the letter-logo one I wanted and I've still been looking for it, but no luck so far. I wonder if they did have it that day and it had already sold out before I'd logged on, because the items were just disappearing from the site rather than saying 'sold out' next to them. I'm kicking myself-although there's nothing I could have done (I'm just annoying like that). In the end the bag arrived before it would have done if I'd ordered it first time round!
I was a little disappointed with the colour if I'm honest, it's not very nude (although it looks it here), it's a greeny toned beige/ivory. Kind of an odd, spewy sort of colour and I felt maybe I should have gone for the black (although it wasn't a choice the second time-again I'm really annoying). The bag itself is utterly gorgeous though, it's like a 'proper' handbag, I feel all grown up with it! I think I may even prefer the inside more than the outer and it's waaaay bigger than I expected. I like it anyway and thankfully I don't have the stress of checking for it every day (although I'm still doing it for the other one)! So like I mentioned in another post, I keep spending money when I miss out on something...for instance before I knew I would get a second chance at this bag, I ordered this one from ASOS as a substitute...
Yep, another Love Moschino (do you spy an obsession?), a cute l'il clutch this time! It caught my attention the second it landed on the site and I've since seen it elsewhere and drooled!  I managed to get a 30% discount code before the sale started on ASOS and it worked on this item, so I was really chuffed getting "current season" for that price. Again, it was the last one in stock which helped with my dithering!   So it's safe to say I'm trying hard not to spend anything now, because this lot has crippled me!

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