Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Nails

Happy Halloween! 'Tis a very important day for my kind (!) I actually very nearly cast a spell on a delivery man today, who had the audacity to take the mickey out of my hair, for the second time (kinda creepy that he remembered me from last time). I gave him the 'Gemma death stare' instead which we all know is far superior to any wicked spell as it's been used for at least 20 years and most definitely puts the fear in any man! Haha! Or muahahaha, I should say! Anyway, he brought me sparkly shoes, so I'll let it go this time. What are you all doing for Halloween? I don't have any parties (not because of my death stare), but I wanted to get into the spirit (haha) with some fun, freaky nail art.
I sat during X-Factor on Saturday with a pile of different colours and nail pens and just did it all free-hand. I wasn't even particularly sure of what I was going to do, but it all worked out wonderfully in the end. I was really impressed that I managed to do my right hand using my left, because normally I fail at that big-time! I did get my sister to do the spider because I wasn't sure I could do a circle! She was crapping herself she'd ruin it, after me making a good job of the other nails, poor wee thing!
At the bottom of the post there's a list of products I used for this.  I also took close-ups of each nail for you to see the detail and I mostly used either the nib or brush of the nail pens for the designs/small details with the exception of the green tips on the pumpkins and white eyes on Frankenstein where I just used a tiny bit of nail polish. The only nail I wasn't keen on was the jewelled thumb. I think I got distracted and forgot that webs taper in towards the centre and I'd already drawn my lines equally spaced (silly me!). I added a little shimmering stripe over the web using the thin brush on the Andrea Fulerton sparkly bottle you see above and stuck some nail gems (from the NPW pen) on using clear polish.
and right hand...
The goo-blob nail wasn't perfect either come to think of it, it kinda didn't work out like I'd hoped.  I love all the rest though, the skull was supposed to have quite splodgy looking eyes, but he turned out much cuter than anticipated.  Frankenstein worked brilliantly as did the pumpkins (I added little silver stripes to make it look more authentic) and I thought the mummy-zombie would be a disaster but I really like it with the flash of neon eyes.  My pinky finger ghost is providing lots of entertainment as I keep sticking it in my sisters face and saying 'wasssssuuuuppp'!  Hard to believe we're both over 30, I know!  I've generally been a little uninspired when it comes to nails and haven't had the notion to do anything fancy lately, but I admit I really enjoyed doing this and it's given me a little confidence to try funky things again.  I will say I'm impressed at the lasting power, it's Wednesday and I forgot to put top coat on and not a single nail has chipped, even with me parcelling up lots of eBay sales over the past couple of days.  So are you going to try a subtle Halloween look or go the whole hog? Pity it's a rainy day for guising.

Spider The Jewellery Box, bug H&M
Barry M Nail Paint 'NP66 Matt White'
17 Lasting Fix 'Tropical Island'
W7 Nail Polish '08 Green Dazzle'
Collection 2000 Hot Looks '36 Ninja'
Models Own Nail Art Pen 'Black'
Andrea Fulerton Dot & Flick pens in 'Domi' and 'Ruth'
Andrea Fulerton Stripe & Sparkle 'Brooke'
NPW 3 in 1 Nail Art Pen (used for jewels only) 'Love'


  1. OMG they are faboulous Gem!! x

    1. thanks sweetie, that was a quick reply : )

  2. Just amazing!! I love how you made each nail different - such a good idea!!:)

  3. Love Frankenstein!my fav★
    such details with every single nails though!

  4. Luv it!!! My fave is the frankenstein... Which photo editing software did you use? Or more importantly, where did you get all the images/clipart in the background? xx

    1. thank you, I used photobucket to add the effects and 'stickers', they have a spooky theme and also Halloween folder.


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