Thursday, 8 December 2011

Keep 'Em Coming

The problem with Jeffrey Campbell shoes is, once they hit on a fabulous design, they bring them out in every colour or print imaginable. I've lost count of the Lita boots, but now even the Night Walk have been blessed with glitter, tweed, leopard, python, check, metallic, distressed and suede leathers and even printed velvet. As I said yesterday, had they been more affordable to come by in this country (or available in this country at all), I'd be snapping up loads of colours, I know I would. However they are too expensive for me to keep ordering from America and I think I'll only ever own the one pair. Sad but true. In saying that, I suppose my black suede will go with everything, so they are one of the more value-for-money designs. I'm thinking the leg lengthening nude (either suede or leather) would be a good purchase too and I rather like the turquoise metallic. Which would be top of your list?


  1. Those shoes are just plain weird haha

  2. I agree, the black will probably go with more, you'll get more wear out of them. I love the glitter pair myself, I really can't go past glitter shoes, 2 of my favourite things!


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