Friday, 16 December 2011

Hey Big Splendour!

I survived the Soap & Glory 'Big Splendour' experience, did you? Haha, they should make t-shirts with that slogan shouldn't they? I quickly took some snaps of my loot this morning, although blogger is acting strangely today, I can't add links, write in HTML or change the text and stuff (a weird version of spell checker and adding pics are my only options), so if this post looks awkward, that's why. Anyway, my Mummy very kindly went down to Boots for 8.30am for me and reported back that there were tonnes of sets there, really loads. I got mine off my advantage points, so this big lot was entirely free-don't you love that? The bag is really cool and I can't wait to get stuck into all my goodies. They still had some left online late this morning, although you couldn't actually add it to your basket without the site showing an error message and apparently checking-out was taking forever-speaking from experience, I knew buying it online would be stressful.


  1. I survived too! There were loads at my local Boots at 10am, probably well over 100 stacked up. Great buy, can't wait to try some of it out :)

  2. Well done! It's a great wee set. Yeah Mum said there were at least 100 stacked up in the window, so hopefully plenty to go around.

  3. Woooohoooo xmas so came early this year with this super gift set for just £25 :D Apparently the large Boots in Aberdeen were almost sold out by 6pm :O

  4. I persuaded my husband to buy me one this morning and am about to have a LONG bath with my goodies! :)

    I wouldn't have known about it if it wasn't for your post the other day so thank you very much for that! :)

  5. I got a set! :D There was no-one buying them in my boots at all and I got mine at around 3pm x


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