Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Review: Klass Nails

Myleene Klass has produced a range of nail designs and I was sent a couple to try.  Now I'm pretty into nail art currently however this is my first time using nail wraps.  For anyone who hasn't used them before, they're basically like a sticker, which goes over the entire nail and files down to fit your nail shape.  The good points are you can get really wicked patterns like animal print, polka dots, flowers and stars, there's no drying time, no glue involved and they are long lasting (no chipping or peeling).  
I started off with my toes first and selected the sticker that best fit each nail of which there's plenty to choose from (at times it was tricky to tell which was the best fit).  You place the rounded edge at the base of your nail and then file away the excess at the other end with the nail file provided-it can help if your nails are very short to cut off the excess sticker and file the remainder from there.  I found them easy enough to apply without getting any air bubbles, but the filing was a little tricky.  I felt I couldn't quite file downward as directed because my toe was in the way (!) and on the big toes in particular I had to trim the corners with scissors because I couldn't get rid of them with the file.  It was no biggy, but overall it did take longer than I expected (I'd been looking forward to the 'no drying time').  I used the leopard print on my toes and they come with clear stickers to place over the top to preserve the print (helps with the fading) and adds some shine. For the little toes, I felt it was a waste to use an entire sticker for each tiny nail, so instead cut one in half and split it between both feet.  The finished look was actually really great as you can see-my only gripe would be the edges are perhaps a little rough when you look closely.
I figured the hard part was done and my fingers would be much easier.  I was kinda wrong.  I had the knack of how to apply them down, but I think my issue is more because my nails are very curved rather than me being rubbish at the application.  The problem was creasing...I tried my best to smooth them out, but I had definite ridges and as I said I think it's because my nails are so curved and the stickers are obviously shaped for a flat nail and no matter how hard I smoothed, the sticker had nowhere to go so had to crease.  My pinky fingers were fine, but all the others minus one thumb which had an extremely short nail (as it had broken) had creases which niggled at me.  It was for this reason that I took them off after a week-they would've stayed longer.  This time round I'd used the leopard but with the gold sparkle on one nail of each hand.  The sparkly stuff felt slightly different in texture to me (easier to manipulate and thinner than the leopard), although it still creased.  The glitter does not come with clear 'top' stickers as it won't fade like the printed one and is already shiny enough.  I hadn't used the clear ones on my toes (it had taken to so long to do the leopard, I refused to bend down any more!), but I tested them out on the two fingers that always chip first on my right hand.  It was pretty amazing to see how well they worked actually.  Within a day or two, the others had definitely faded (which I wouldn't have known, had it not been made obvious by the two 'top coat' fingers which were much darker).  From afar my nails looked good, but anywhere close and I was disappointed with the creases, as you can see in the images below.  
Overall, I had mixed reviews about the nail wraps.  I think I'd use them for my toes more than my fingers and I actually still have the leopard pedicure in tact at least a month later, so for longevity it's great.  They don't seem to work so well on my fingers personally, but I'd like to try them out again and see if I can apply them a little better.  I love that once they're applied that's it, done! There's no worrying about messing them up afterwards, they are very durable and as I said can last at least a week with or without the top stickers (and you can imagine the amount of hand-washing etc you do in that time).  To remove them by the way, you just peel the sticker off and if there's any left, use nail polish remover.  I found the leopard removed easily, the glitter left filmy patches and even now I'm buffing my nails as there's some little ridges left from the stickers.  There's a wide selection of prints available which I love because many of them would be too difficult to achieve with nail pens or similar tools.  If you have smaller or short nails or a flat nail then I reckon these could be great for you.  
You can buy Klass nails from JML-Direct or find them in Boots, Debenhams or Asda.  

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