Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Inspiretty #152

Here's another beautiful image of Merida from the Disney/Pixar 'Brave', coming out next summer. As a film set in Scotland I thought I'd enlighten you on some Scottish phrases or words-they vary depending on where you live and I've travelled up North and not understood a word they're saying and can even struggle in Glasgow (they just talk too fast for me). Actually you only have to go over the water from Fife to Dundee and they have a whole other language! A good example is my friend from Elgin, who used to call girls 'quines' and boys 'loons' which was all new to me! I do use words like 'glaikit' (glay like 'clay') meaning geeky/goofy, drookit ("say what you see" as the Catchphrase man used to say) this means soaked i.e. I got caught in the rain and was drookit. A 'close' which I tend to say as 'close-y' is an alley/sidestreet, boke (I use this a lot) said 'bow-k' means vomit/spew/barf and your baffies are your slippers. One of my favourites though is 'peely wally' (said peel-ee wah-lee) which means pale, like you'd say 'are you feeling ok, you're awful peely wally?' There you go a quick guide to Scottish words, I'm sure none of which will be in the movie!

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  1. I'm so excited for this film! :D it looks like it is going to be wonderful. x


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