Friday, 2 December 2011

Haul & Swatches: No7 Midnight Enchantment & GWP

I took these photos at the beginning of November, so I apologise for the delay in getting them up here. The quality isn't that fab either because this particular day there was very little daylight-always a shock to me each winter! I'm going to try and be quick because the images are pretty self explanatory anyway.
The items I purchased are from the newest Limited Edition range at No7, Midnight Enchantment. I had a few £5 vouchers to use at the time and they were also running this fab wee GWP, which by the way is still on. You need to spend £22 on No7 in one transaction to qualify for that, the lipgloss is full size, the other items are mini and you get a nice little blue shimmery makeup bag with it.
First up are the Stay Perfect Nail Colours, available in 2 shades, I got both.
Glitter Bomb is not as I expected and for the better I might add. Given that I was getting my sister to buy them, without having seen them in person, it can be tricky when it comes to No7. The swatch on their website for this colour, I kid you not is a pinked lilac. You will never get lilac nails with this, not in the bottle, not on your fingers, not with one sheer coat, never! Anyway, I suspected it would be a regular glitter top coat type polish with very little colour, but it's completely the opposite. It's a deep magenta wine and the glitter is much more sporadic than I imagined (although it's still very sparkly) and it feels smooth on the nail, no lumps at all. You wouldn't wear this over another colour, it's a colour in itself, it lasted a good while on my nails without chipping.
On my thumb I'm wearing the other shade, Grey Matter. I really despise the name because it just conjures up images of someone with half their skull caved in and bits of brain in their hair-yes, I watch waaaay too much ER. I just don't want to think about gross dead mush when I'm painting my nails. The colour itself is very dark, I'd say much darker than the Barry M grey, it's a touch away from a charcoal-black and there's no shimmer in this one. I wore it with a little nail art, which I screwed up-but that's for another post.
The lipstick in this collection is called Winter Berry and again it's a deep magenta colour with shimmer. However swatched it's very sheer and comes out more pink than the plum or 'berry' I was expecting. It's very similar to the Mirrorball lipstick in their limited range earlier in the year and it's so similar in fact that I took some comparison pics today, which I haven't had time to upload yet. It's a pity No7 didn't think to include the pretty floral pattern on the casing of this lipstick that's seen on the nail varnish. Once out of the patterned box, the case is just a matte black and not very exciting. I possibly wouldn't have purchased this if I had known it was so similar to my other one, but I was buying unseen.
The real star piece of the collection for me is the blusher. It comes in a smooth matte black compact with mirror inside and has the floral pattern on it (see how much nicer the lipstick could and should have been?). Inside the blush or highlighter is in a flower design and there's three shades which make this up. One is a shimmering white then there's a pale pink and brickish colour. I haven't actually tried it yet though, so I'm basing my love on the look of it in the compact, haha! I can't quite bring myself to mess it up but as I always say, at some point I will...maybe!
Finally here's the GWP, I didn't swatch the Whisper gloss because I already have an opened one or two somewhere. I've swatched the glitter liner-incredibly small brush by the way, the whole thing is majorly dinky, so it'll probably take 100 attempts to get a nice thick line! I've swatched one line straight with the brush then swirled some more next to that to give you an idea of the colour (a pale shimmering green). The eyeshadow is a pale goldy yellow colour.

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