Thursday, 22 December 2011

Inspiretty #156

I've always had a soft spot for Christina Hendricks, long before Mad Men elevated her profile. I remember her as Abby's battered neighbour in ER, in Kevin Hill and the rather hilarious episode of Without A Trace where she played an agoraphobic lesbian! Her body shape is quite similar to mine, essentially hourglass but with really big boobs and I always knew she was capable of the sex bomb status she has now. I also think she has a huge amount of pressure on her these days as the unofficial pin-up for 'fat' ladies everywhere and I think she handles it extremely well, she doesn't strike me as the type to succumb to any kind of pressure to lose weight and quite rightly as she doesn't need to. I could talk about her all day actually, I just think she rocks and I get super protective and defensive of her when I hear sickos calling her fat and ugly. Clearly they've never seen this image, truly inspiretty!

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