Friday, 30 January 2009

Shoe envy on the crappy internet

Sometimes I hate the internet. Today I flicked over to Karla's Closet and noticed her fierce shoes, all excited at their beauty, I exclaimed 'ah that's the L.A.M.B. pair I love'. However I was wrong, it turns out the shoes were actually from Bakers, an American footwear company (that I'd never heard of before). I quickly searched their website and realised this was a good thing, as the shoes are considerably cheaper (above 'Chleo' $79.95) than the Gwen Stefani pair (below 'Hunter' $380), bad news though, they don't ship internationally (my bubble burst).

And so it's times like these when I curse the internet, for showing me beautiful and affordable things, that I can't actually get my hands on. Isn't the idea of the internet, to make things more available, worldwide? I realise though that it's not feesible for every company to ship worldwide. I know there are probably lots of places in the UK where USer's would love to shop but can't. Anyway, if you are lucky enough to live in the US and haven't checked out Bakers, you really should. They have several L.A.M.B. 'style' shoes and look at these YSL inspired numbers (below, 'Emory $89.95, 'Aileen' $59.99). I'm actually surprised they are allowed to 'design' such similar styles, unlike some, they don't look like cheap imitations (or it may just be good photography).

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