Friday, 30 January 2009

Cheap & Chic Dresses

I've just been browsing the Peacocks website and they have some lovely dresses on there just now. I'm not sure of the quality as I haven't seen them in real life, but they seem like the perfect transitional dresses for that awkward 'between seasons' period. These would look great with tights and boots for colder days and with gladiator sandals in the summer. They are £16 each, the long sleeved one is £18. I spotted this cutesy retro inspired floral number (below £25) in Look this week. I haven't shopped in Bay Trading since I was at school and a recent look in their window I realised why. Most items are made for those who are stick thin and proud to show their bottom in public! My friend wondered why the display didn't feature trousers with the tops, I replied 'that's because those tops are actually dresses!'. Granny moment aside, I adore this dress, although it does look very short and I'm not sure it would look right with leggings. I am also kidding myself that my huge bust would fit anywhere near that, sadly. I don't know for sure, but I would assume that a size 12-14 would probably be the biggest size you would find in there, it looks like the type of shop to cater for the skinny Miss 4's of the world.Matalan have this cute leopard shift dress (below) for a fabulous £16. I love leopard print and always have, despite the Spice Girl and Bet Lynch comments, it's an odd classic that always seems to come back into fashion.

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