Sunday, 18 January 2009

Sunshine on a Sunday!

I realised today that I had completely forgotten to tell you about my fabulous new Vivienne Westwood shoes. Remember I mentioned in an older post about the collaboration between Melissa and VW Anglomania? If you missed it, here's all you need to know.
Melissa are a Brazilian company who have been making jelly (plastic) shoes since the 70's. Made from recycled plastic (environmentally friendly), they are durable yet comfortable to wear, plus they are usually inexpensive. They also have this delightful bubblegum scent to them, bonus!

You have probably seen the previous collaboration with Vivienne Westwood on a mary-jane style that was available in lots of shades. They were obviously a hit and along with the new square toe version as well as new colours of the original, come the gorgeous 'Lady Dragon' style, a slender looking peep toe slingback with either a large heart or VW orb logo adorning the front.
I was super excited about the kitsch heart version and Browns quickly sold out of the peachy shade. However over Christmas, My-Wardrobe added 4 colours (pale blue or pearl with red hearts or yellow or peach with black hearts) to their site. I cannot tell you how long it took me to make the decision on which colour to get. It was ridiculous!
I googled and compared images and decided that although I liked the peach, it was actually not as nude looking as in some images and more of a hot coral peach (likely to clash with pink hair). Pamela Anderson has been snapped out and about in this colour and as terrible as her outfit was, she did rock the shoes. I really love the blue, it's such a gorgeous pale baby blue, similar to the Miu Miu powder blue multi strap mj's. However I decided that red hearts would also clash with my hair, so discarded them too. I was left with the yellow/black (which my sister had told me to get in the first place!). They looked great on the models at the Anglomania S/S '09 show in Berlin. So sod it, I bought them and love them! The orb style come in bright red, black or see through/glittery black or gold and cost £76. I notice Vogue blogged this week that there are 5 shades of the Lady Dragon hearts (dove grey with red heart), however I wonder if they are a store exclusive or someone thought the pearl looked grey, as I have never seen them mentioned on any blogs or sites as yet. If you are considering getting these, then you really should, they are so fabulously kitsch and summery, I'm sure a certain Ms Perry will be looking to own these too!

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